Rock haircuts
Sean Cowie/Anna Horowitz
Check In, Rock Out

A Glorious Timeline of Rock Haircuts

If you can convince Halloween shops to carry a wig made in honor of your hair, you’re doing something right. And rock musicians are the most prolific examples of that, because they’re people whose hair influences style on a global scale, often spurring entire generations to harass their barbers for crazy specific scissor work. So in honor of half stacks and full heads we put together a gel-caked timeline of rock music’s most iconic hair from the Pomp to the Man Bun, accompanied by famous examples, fun facts, and some dashing little doodles.

Rock hair styles
Sean Cowie/Anna Horowitz
Jack Daniel's hair stylist

How Can Your Hair Look This Loud?

Jack Daniel’s is throwing music-influenced motel parties in off-the-wall locations all across the U.S. And as part of the spread, they brought in a bunch of scissor wizards who seriously specialize in rock hair (mohawks as far as the eye can see) to affect some creations on motel-goers’ mops. See said creations for yourself in our recap of the Brooklyn pop-up, which took place in a ridiculously huge warehouse space.

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