A mind-bending look back on the memes, music services, and Myspaces that built the web

Flush with nostalgic e-artifacts from the earliest days of the world wide web through now, the newly opened Big Internet Museum traces the history of memes, social media, gaming, and more modern-day timesucks through their many fascinating iterations since the Net's 1969 debut. And unlike any of those damn restrictive Smithsonians, it can be fully enjoyed pantsless from your couch.Through virtual exhibits in seven dedicated "wings", it'll drop trivia-worthy knowledge on you about gifs (they're older than you think), webcams (the first image broadcast from one was of a sexy, sexy coffee pot), Geocities (its original name was "Beverly Hills Internet". Seriously.), and e-mail spam -- the first of which was sent out by some marketer named Gary Thuerk. So... eff you, Gary Thuerk!