This Is What Netflix's '70s Hip-Hop Show Looks Like

Earlier today, from a spotlight stage in Las Vegas, Netflix bigwigs reminded audiences at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show why they're the top dogs of Internet entertainment. There were seismic announcements -- the streaming service is officially a global enterprise, adding 130 countries to its roster including Russia, India, and South Korea -- and pure gauntlet throwing, like the trailer for The Get Down, a series set in the South Bronx during the advent of hip-hop. Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby) brings his usual electricity to the world of scratching, breaking, graffiti. The cast -- including Justice Smith, Jimmy Smits, Shameik Moore, Giancarlo Espoisto, Jaden Smith - rides it all like a wave. The Get Down really looks like... well, little else on TV, the creative strategy that keeps Netflix a step ahead (at least until Fuller House). There's no official air date for The Get Down, but expect the boogaloo to begin later this year.


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