The Brutal Trailer for Horror Movie 'The Hunt' Is a Race to Survive

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As long as life still feels like a rat race, there will always be a market for movies where rich people hunt the less fortunate for sport. Whether it's The Most Dangerous Game or The Hunger Games, the concept has proven to be a highly profitable and creatively fruitful one for multiple generations of bloodthirsty storytellers. Blumhouse, the studio behind recent horror hits like Get Out and last year's Halloween remake, already has one successful politically aware human-tracking franchise under its umbrella, The Purge, and it looks to be adding another one with its latest thriller, The Hunt.

What's the big difference here? Judging from the trailer, The Hunt, which stars GLOW's breakout star Betty Gilpin as a shotgun-wielding woman named Crystal, will be even more tailor-made for the populist anger of the modern era. Like Eli Roth's Hostel, the film is set in a world where wealthy elites pay a premium price to inflict horrible violence on the less fortunate. That means ball-gags, trunks of weapons, and deadly explosive devices. 

As you'd imagine, Crystal and some of her fellow captives, including Ike Barinholtz and Emma Roberts, eventually turn the tables on their attackers and take the fight to the system. "Of all the people you kidnapped, of all the people you killed, you picked the wrong gang," says Gilpin at one point in the clip, likely before dishing out some violent justice. 

While this trailer appears to give a lot of the movie's plot away -- toward the end we even see Gilpin facing off against Hillary Swank's cold-hearted corporate villain -- this might be a bit of creative misdirection. The movie comes from a script co-written by Lost creator Damon Lindelof and fellow Leftovers writer Nick Cuse; it was also directed by Craig Zobel, the filmmaker behind offbeat genre fare like Compliance and Z for Zachariah. So expect some twists when The Hunt arrives in theaters on September 27.

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Dan Jackson is a senior staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. He's on Twitter @danielvjackson.