Meet Young Tony Soprano in the First Trailer for 'The Many Saints of Newark'

'The Sopranos' prequel movie comes out October 1.

The first trailer for David Chase's long-awaited Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark, is here and it introduces a young Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini's son Michael, who is just as aimless as, well, AJ Soprano. He likes to listen to music and wants to go to college, and his mother Livia (now portrayed by Vera Farmiga) is, as we know from the series, highly unimpressed with everything he does. But then his uncle Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) comes along introducing Tony into the world of organized crime, and that's where things get interesting.

Chase has focused his story on the relationship between Tony and the father of Michael Imperioli's Christopher, which, frankly, looks a little bit like the relationship Christopher (or, in Sopranos parlance, "Christuhfa") had with Tony over the HBO series' six seasons.

This first look at the movie, directed by Alan Taylor, who won an Emmy for his work on the show, highlights the way Michael Gandolfini echoes his father's mannerisms filtered through more innocent eyes, while also showcasing some of the inspired casting of familiar characters. Farmiga has embodied Livia's exasperation, while Corey Stoll assumes the page boy cap of Uncle Junior.

The Many Saints of Newark drops in theaters and on HBO Max October 1.

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