The Freaky Trailer for 'The Night House' Teases a Home Owner's Nightmare

Rebecca Hall battles grief and the supernatural in this spooky Sundance favorite.

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When the haunted house nail-biter The Night House premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2020, it felt like a potential sleeper horror hit and it was quickly picked up by Searchlight Pictures for $12 million. Now, more than a year later, this creepy tale, which follows Beth (Rebecca Hall) as she processes her husband's tragic death in the spacious lake house he built for them to live in, is finally making its way to theaters this summerand it's barreling through with a loud trailer to announce itself. 

Does the trailer give away one of the movie's cleverest scares and perhaps tease a bit too much of the plot? Yes, totally, but that's often the case with horror marketing. This story of architecture and grief is directed by David Bruckner, the filmmaker behind Netflix's underrated hike-gone-wrong thriller The Ritual, and The Night House displays a similarly strong understanding of how to wind an audience up. Hall, so effective in smaller roles in movies like The Gift and The Town, has a great showcase here and there's a fun supporting performance from Barry's Sarah Goldberg, too. It's pretty scary, a perfect reason to potentially get out of your own (hopefully un-haunted) place of residence. 

The Night House arrives in theaters on July 16.

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