Watch a Bunch of Stars Remake 'The Princess Bride' in Quarantine

The project, which the actors all filmed on their phones, is coming to Quibi.

quibi princess bride

Even the celebs were as bored in quarantine as the rest of us are -- so bored, in fact, that a bunch of them came together (in a socially-distanced way, of course) to film a reboot of The Princess Bride, the classic fantasy adventure movie that had whole generations of youngsters reciting the Inigo Montoya speech and rolling down hills yelling "AAAAAAS YOUUUUUU WIIIIIISH!" A cast of famous faces and comedy greats filmed themselves on their cell phones to make the remake that you can watch on a cell phone of your own -- because it's coming to Quibi

Back in March, director Jason Reitman came up with the idea when it started to look like quar season would last a lot longer than we had all hoped, and Quibi's Jeffrey Katzenberg loved it. "I just thought, Can we remake an entire movie at home?" Reitman told Vanity Fair. "And I had seen that a fan-made Star Wars had been done. I just started reaching out to actors I knew, saying, 'Is this something you'd want to do?' And the response was kind of immediate and fast. It was like, 'Oh -- that sounds like fun.'" At Reitman's request, Quibi donated $1 million to World Central Kitchen, which has been keeping restaurants all over the country in business while providing meals for the needy.

This version of The Princess Bride stars… pretty much everyone? Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner play a gender-swapped Westley and Princess Buttercup, Diego Luna is Inigo Montoya, Josh Gad gets to be the little boy with a cold whose grandfather (played by the original movie's director Rob Reiner) tells him the fairytale, and Hugh Jackman plays the villainous Humperdinck. And multiple actors play the same role, which is why you may see a scene begin with Westley portrayed by Lucas Hedges with a mustache drawn on with marker, and end with him played by Jack Black wielding Kylo Ren's lightsaber. The cast utilized anything they could find at home, dressing up in costumes from their own closets and using garden hoses for rope and umbrellas for swords. The movie will air on Quibi in small chapters every day, starting Monday, June 29. 

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