Tommy Wiseau Invaded the Golden Globes in the Most 'The Room' Way Possible

tommy wiseau at the 2018 golden globes
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Tommy Wiseau had a good time at the Golden Globes. Kind of.

The writer-director-star of The Room, Hollywood's best-worst movie ever, was on hand to support James Franco, nominated for playing Wiseau in this year's hit The Disaster Artist. From start to finish, things looked interesting. Wiseau arrived in what's probably best described as The Tommy-mobile, a limo littered with posters of his face and his 2003 cult hit.

Then, once Wiseau and Greg Sestero, his Room co-star and longtime friend, got to the red carpet, they started hamming it up with reporters. One joked about where Wiseau was from, a perpetual mystery:

Another asked Wiseau about Franco's performance, which got critiqued. Just a bit:

And when asked how it felt to be at the Globes, Wiseau basked in the moment... by promoting his movie. (Not Franco's! His!) As he told, Variety, "Everybody should see The Room, and you guys should write more about The Room!"

Inside the Beverly Hilton, there was more magic -- like when Seth Rogen introduced The Disaster Artist. The camera panned to a very happy Tommy Wiseau, grinning so hard you thought his face would get stuck and stay that way forever. It seemed Wiseau was just loving this night, one he'd dreamt of for more than 14 years. What could top this? Well:

When Franco later won for best actor in a comedy or musical, earning a statuette for his hilariously accurate and surprisingly deep portrayal of Hollywood's most fascinating man, he invited Wiseau onstage. Without missing a beat, Wiseau moved in for the mic, thinking he'd drop a few words. He was immediately shut down... for Imitation Wiseau. (C'mon, Franco!) Which was when Wiseau's great night maybe became just a good night. 

But still! A mostly good night:

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