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The Spotify Playlists That Got You Through 2016

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Lily Padula/Thrillist

2016 is about to be one for the books, but before we say “goodbye” (*cough* good riddance *cough*)  we thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to the Spotify playlists that got us through the clowns, gorillas, and fake news. (And sure, some cool stuff happened too. But it was mostly weird.) To help you look back on the last 365 days, we compiled a list of what you probably listened to (or should have been!) when you weren’t listening to Drake:

The Playlist You Had On Repeat When You Were Training For The NYC Marathon

This seemed like a good idea when you registered, but when you were on mile 16, you were hating yourself. This got you through it:

The Songs That Soothed You When Creepy Clowns Were Spotted in Your Neighborhood

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t get any weirder, the clowns arrived. Here’s what was on to keep you calm while you browsed online for deadbolt locks:

What You Played When You Finally Squeezed In A Beach Weekend

You were actually able to coordinate all your schedules, pile into the car, and get to the beach without sitting in traffic for hours. It was glorious, especially because you had this on the speakers:

The Playlist That Played While You Posted A Political Rant On Social Media

You weren’t going to say anything, but then ONE person shared their fifth fake news story in a week, and you weren’t having it. This is what you listened to as you drafted your rebuttal:

What You Had On In The Background If Your Valentine’s Day Was Going Really Well

You made an entire dinner at home, but things went so well you never got to dessert. Probably because this was the soundtrack:

But Then It Was December and It Clearly Wasn’t Working Out…

These things happen, but it still hurts. Luckily you had this playlist to cry it out to:

The Playlist For When You Needed To Mourn Yet Another Celebrity Death

The music world lost a lot of legends in 2016, from Phife Dawg to Prince. Then it was Muhammad Ali. THEN it was Gene Wilder. It was enough to make you want to scream/cry, so this emo playlist was perfect:

What You Had On Repeat When You Were Browsing Black Friday Sales

Sure, you were shopping for gifts, but you also came home with three sweaters for yourself because... treat yourself. To drown out the other shoppers, you had this in your headphones:

This Was The Soundtrack For Your Election Night Party

Half the room was popping champagne, the other half was sobbing. But everyone agreed that this soundtrack made the party:

What You Blasted When the Women’s USA Gymnastics Team Took Gold

Watching Gabby Douglas rock the uneven bars was so inspiring, you finally asked for a raise, and this is what you played to pump you up: