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The World's Most Sexually Satisfied Country Is...

Apparently, Switzerland has fully embraced that old saying, "Make love, not war." Having big bank accounts probably doesn't hurt, either.

But as if the Swiss didn't have it good enough, what with their happiness, skiing, attractive tennis stars, and general livability, according to a Durex global survey, the peaceful nation also has the most sexually satisfied people.

Generally, things are not looking great when it comes to people getting some. Of 26,000 people (aged 16 and older) surveyed by Durex in 26 countries, less than 50% were said to be fully satisfied with their sex lives. From its data, Durex determined that "achieving orgasm is a key driver of sexual satisfaction. Just 48 per cent of us said that they usually orgasm. Globally, twice as many men (64 per cent) as women regularly have orgasms."

Coming in a close second and third, Spain and Italy (respectively) did nothing to break the Latin lover stereotype; though, surprisingly, France didn't make the cut. Maybe the French are just busy eating cheese and drinking wine. The US didn't place, either, despite all the taxi cab and bathroom sex going on Stateside.

If there wasn't enough evidence already that you should make the move to Europe, this is probably it.

10. Nigeria
9. Australia
8. India
7. Mexico
6. The Netherlands
5. Greece
4. Brazil
3. Italy
2. Spain
1. Switzerland

h/t The Independent

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