This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Do Coke

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

Not that you'd ever do it, of course. Cocaine possession is a felony in most states and a good-judgment person like yourself would never, EVER, put himself in that kind of jeopardy just to stay up until closing time in Vegas. Right? Right.

But if you were ever curious why, say, that guy with the big eyes who keeps chewing on his lips finds you really interesting for like 20 minutes before he has to go to the bathroom, we talked to a doctor and created this handy infographic that breaks down exactly what goes on inside someone's body while they're doing cocaine.

DISCLAIMER: Just to be clear, this is all based on maintaining a steady stream of cocaine in your blood for the first hour or so. One key bump in the bathroom won’t yield nearly these effects.

Also, a lot depends on what the cocaine is cut with. There's an alphabet of nasty chemicals out there that can change your reactions considerably. For example, if you do stuff cut with baby laxative, you might experience some other biological side effects not listed above. Just saying.

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