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Trippy trailers for high art

It's 4/20. You're not going to go on a hike seeking a secret drum circle. You're not gonna win an Ultimate Frisbee tourney. You're gonna sit in front of the computer watching weird crap. So behold: The Thrillist 4/20 Movie Fest, a collection of bizarro, brain-melting trailers for movies you haven't heard of (but that're totally available). Strap in, toss out the frisbee, and get ready to get weird


The whimsical story of a lonely drifter -- who happens to be a tire -- wandering the desert looking for love and making people's heads explode.


Something like Scooby Doo meets The Ring, but with more butt-biting floating heads.


A sci-fi epic starring Oscar-winner Sir Sean Connery in a stylish suspenders/diaper/go-go boots combo.

Disco Godfather

This musical extravaganza/cautionary tale asks tough questions like, "Where should you put your weight?


The WTF action double-feature begins w/ the story of a downtrodden geisha who comes of age by cutting people up with her chainsaw mouth.

Thunder Cops

The greatest cops vs. zombies vs. kung fu warriors vs. remote-controlled helicopters vs. flying head movie ever made.

Beyond the Black Rainbow

After all that action, time to settle down with some pleasant rainbows... wait... NO

The Secret of Magic Island

After so much darkness, it's important to wind down with something more pleasant, like this magical land of talking ducks and space-age monkeys

The Polka Dot Polka

Statistics show that more and more senior citizens are enjoying THC, so wrap up by inviting Grandma over to experience the kind of movie she enjoyed when she was just a young rising Ultimate Frisbee star and drum-circle aficionado.

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