What to celebrate this month

Hanukkah may think it's big time with its eight days and nights, but check out all of the other things you can celebrate on your way to crushing December like a total Maccabee: 12/1: In addition to drawing its name from the Latin word for "coming", the first day of Advent marks the last day there will be any chocolate left in your calendar

12/5: Instead of high-fiving your bros, hiya them instead, 'cause it's National Ninja Day

12/7: Pearl Harbor Day is also the anniversary of Australian cricketer Jack Fingleton's becoming the first player to score centuries in four consecutive Test innings. Feel free to pay homage by falling asleep

12/8: That whole Hannukah thing starts

12/13: It's officially well into bubble goose weather in much of the country, so yeah, who wouldn't want to celebrate by mowing down some frozen dessert on National Ice Cream Day

12/14: The Hobbit will be released. Not the whole thing, of course, but, like, one third of it.

12/23: Eschewing the religious and commercial implications of the holiday season, Festivus celebrates...nothing

12/25: Tarantino's Django Unchained will be released, and it's Christmas. By doctrine, Festivus observants will apparently hate on both

12/26: "Don't forget me" says Kwanzaa in a super cool voice

12/31: Relax it's only Always a Total Letdown Day.