Distract Yourself From Everything By Visiting These Crazy Animal TikTok Accounts

Carole Baskin would be pissed. (Sorry, Carole.)


Now that many of us have been trapped inside for almost two months, we're all looking for ways to mitigate the inescapable boredom. For those of us who didn't snatch up a rescue dog or cat or bearded dragon for quarantine, why not choose this moment to travel down a k-hole of exotic animal TikTok accounts that have been uploading tons of weird, wild, and mostly adorable content these past few months? We trawled through all the viral dances and "This message is for Rachel" memes to bring you the best animals on TikTok. 

Urban Rescue Ranch

Seeing these TikToks is knowing the meaning of chaos. The Urban Rescue Ranch (which also has a YouTube channel) takes in… basically anything and everything. The TikTok account is seemingly run by one loud man who spends each short video screaming out a list of all the animals he's taking care of at any given time. Scroll back through the videos to see the saga of little "Julia" (hang in there, Julia!) and lots of footage of baby chicks hatching out of an incubator.

Kody Antle

Next we bring you a celeb!! Kinda. Yes, Kody Antle is one of THOSE Antles, son of Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, star and one of the many villains of Netflix's insane Tiger King documentary. It looks like this tiger "preserve," the Myrtle Beach Safari, is doing just fine in quarantine, and Kody has lots of very cool videos of him strolling around with enormous cats, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Jake Colvin

This guy pretty much just walks around the mud flats somewhere in the picturesque waterway of the Pacific Northwest and completes the very un-picturesque task of peeling undersea parasites off of the gills of huge shrimp. He just sticks his hand right down into the mud and pulls up shrimp after shrimp. This channel is educational and also grossly satisfying in the same way those pimple popping videos always are. 

Brodie Moss

You may have already seen this viral video of this kind Australian bloke finding a stranded sea turtle that was roasting in the tidal flats and releasing it back into the water, but the rest of his account is just as cool, the perfect vicarious escape from your own living room, full of amazing ocean life you might not otherwise get the chance to see up close. 


Ever wanted a cool bird as a pet? This guy has three toucans, striking with their colorful beaks and feathers and seemingly very friendly. This channel is cool for any of us who have ever wondered what being around a toucan would even be like. 


This guy feeds grizzly bears out of his hands!!! And lynx, and deer, and owls, and all kinds of impressive animals on his travels around the world. The vacation envy is real. 


This account, run by user Waffleboiwithaids, is full of all kinds of small amphibious and reptilian pets, but Greg the frog is the star, an absolute menace who chews his owner's finger any chance he gets. Greg!! No!!

Mikayla Raines

Wanting a pet fox was like A Thing on the Internet maybe five or 10 years ago, before we all figured out that foxes are A LOT of work and don't make great pets. But Mikayla Raines runs a fox rescue, which sounds awesome, not least because she can go out there and pet a bunch of foxes whenever she wants. As it turns out, foxes are… weird, but they're also very cute. 

Bird Lady

This TikToker makes videos of the birds she rescues and rehabilitates at the Ojai Raptor Center -- predatory birds like hawks, falcons, and owls. Obviously, since a lot of them are injured or sick when they're taken in, this accoutnt has a lot of footage of stressed out animals, but she also makes sure to include release videos like this one, which make the experience all the more rewarding. 


These people work at a preserve for eagles! And a bunch of other predatory birds. Watching these guys exercise their birds is so much fun, and there's a lot of slow-motion footage as well, so you get to see all that sweet wing feather action. 

Shadow's Reptiles

Oh, to be a baby tortoise soaking in a bath. This account is dedicated to pretty much any reptile you can think of that can be sold as a pet: tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, geckos, etc. Accounts like this are doubly cool because they show how much care and enthusiasm the breeders of these animals put into their work, so if you buy from them you'll know they're coming from a safe environment. 


Frogs need to be wet all the time -- they breathe through their skin, so if you have one as a pet you need to make sure to keep it moist and happy. There's practically an entire genre on TikTok of frog owners "watering" their frogs, giving them a refreshing little soak every once in a while to keep them healthy. Look how thrilled this guy is!

Madison Brass

Toads need water as well, but sometimes they get a little aggressive when you try to give it to them. This toad constantly lunges at the camera whenever its owner tries to film it. Very good content. 

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky.