Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon Return to 'SNL' to Own Weekend Update

If anyone was going to lampoon the undecided voter conversation in America, it was going to be Tina Fey, born in a Philadelphia suburb, where -- and I can say this because I'm also Philly-born -- locals crank up the political criticism to 11 during election season. She's also Saturday Night Live's secret satirical weapon -- really, Fey's Sarah Palin changed history. Thankfully, SNL recruited her for just that this weekend.

Fey and her old "Weekend Update" co-host Jimmy Fallon returned to the show this weekend to slip into the shoes of two Philly women who were all too aware of their swing state status. Some insight: Philadelphians have a reputation for being short-fused and stuck in their ways, and if you've spent serious time in the city and surrounding pockets of Pennsylvania, you know it's well-earned. We don't spend all day debating cheesesteak preferences, but we do believe "Philadelphia" is a political party that everyone in the world is against. Go, Eagles.

The sketch was as fair and balanced as only two skeptical Philadelphians could be. Unlike like the raucous Trump-bashing cold open, the duo took on the major candidates in the race, and had some strong words for Hillary:

"Hillary's husband cheated on her, and I don't like the way she handled it," Fey said as "Denise McDonough," in a rare well-tuned display of the Philly accent. What was Denise's problem? "I don't like that she didn't finish the job. A girl's been banging your husband for 12 years, at the very least you have to cut off her ponytail."

"Denise" and Fallon's "Doreen Troilo" bickered over the possibility of Trump. "He looks like someone opened a quesadilla to pick the chicken out," said Fey, ignited by Trump's perpetual remarks on the female body. Then Fey slipped in a meta-dig at Fallon, who recently took a beating for giving Trump a pass on The Tonight Show. The comedian, true to form, broke character to send a silent apology.

Watch the rest of the sketch above, and if you're a undecided Philadelphian voter, please, go vote.

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