Watch Tom Cruise and James Corden Re-create the Star's Craziest, Wildest Scenes

Damn, Tom Cruise has been in a TON of movies. So many that when he and James Corden set out to spoof them on The Late Late Show, it takes nine freakin' minutes. Lucky for you, Cruise and Corden have so much fun remaking those iconic scenes that it might be the best nine minutes of your day.

From Jack Reacher, whose sequel Cruise releases this weekend and manages to plug, to Top Gun and every Mission: Impossible ever, this dream team dons goofy costumes, cracks wise, and even invites Jerry Maguire co-star Cuba Gooding Jr. to help out. Somehow, they seem to have skipped over that whole jumping-on-the-couch performance -- maybe Corden was hesitant to play Oprah.

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Lauren Leibowitz is an editor at Thrillist Entertainment. Find her on Twitter @lleibowitzz.