Netflix's Take on 'American Ninja Warrior' Looks Beastly as Hell

Does Netflix need its own version of American Ninja Warrior? The hit NBC show has spent six years wowing adrenaline junkies with its complex challenges, incredible athletes, and inspiring stories of perseverance -- so what's there to add to the formula? Oh, wait, what's that? Netflix's version is called Ultimate Beastmaster? And it's produced by Rocky himself? Sign us up, please.

The first trailer for this ambitious-looking series, which takes a more international approach than American Ninja Warrior with customized obstacle courses for six different countries, features yelling, jumping, running, crawling, and, of course, people wiping out in ridiculous ways. Because as fun and poignant as it can be to see someone achieve their dreams, there's also pleasure to be found in watching a dude fall in a giant tank of water while trying to become not just a "Beastmaster," but the "Ultimate Beastmaster."

It's unclear if anyone from the 1982 movie Beastmaster is involved with this production, but the guy who played Cobra definitely is. While Stallone is featured in the trailer, he won't be hosting each episode; instead, each country gets its own host, including buff funnyman Terry Crews in the U.S. and former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in Brazil. The other countries include Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea. Once a beastmaster is declared in each region, they'll meet in a final challenge to become the "Ultimate Beastmaster," which would be a very cool thing to have on your business card.

All 10 episodes of Ultimate Beastmaster will be available to stream via Netflix on Friday, February 24.

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and he has never referred to himself as "beastmaster." He's on Twitter @danielvjackson.