'Kimmy Schmidt' Brings an Adorable Bunny and Kitten Song to Netflix

Where were you the first time you heard "Peeno Noir"? Maybe you were streaming the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in a delirious weekend binge. Maybe you caught it on YouTube. Maybe you clicked on a story about actor Tituss Burgess selling his own brand of pinot noir. Regardless -- from that moment on, you were transformed. 

One can only imagine that executive producer Tina Fey hopes season two of the New York-centric sitcom, which returns to Netflix on April 15, will recapture some of that viral magic. Just how much viral potential does this trailer have? Kimmy wears an elf costume. It's got hashtags. There's even a great John Cusack joke. 

But nothing comes close to the pure internet-pandering goodness of Kimmy watching a video of a bunny and a kitty cuddling while singing a song. "Bunny and kitty being best friends," she sings. "Together forever, the fun never ends / Solving mysteries, one hug at a time / Bunny and kitty, two of a kind."

While it doesn't have the killer hook or production values of "Peeno," it's never a good idea to bet against bunnies, kitties, or Kimmy Schmidt when it comes to viral song potential. Prepare for Vines. 

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and is actually allergic to both bunnies and kitties He's on Twitter: @danielvjackson.