Dog That Was Accidentally Flown to Japan Is Back Home and So Incredibly Happy

Earlier this week, United Airlines embroiled itself in a canine controversy when airline staff accidentally flew a dog to Japan instead of its intended destination in Wichita, Kansas. The pooch in question, a German Shepherd named Irgo, was mistaken for a Great Dane while at a cargo facility in Denver, and flown to the other side of the planet. The Great Dane was also flown to the the United States, where it was presented to Irgo's owner, Kara Swindle, much to her panic and astonishment. 

After a tense few days, in which Irgo was deprived of his medicine and left stranded in a country where he did not speak the language, the German Shepherd has finally been reunited with his family. Video of the blissful reunion was posted to Facebook by Swindle, and it is perhaps the most pure and unadulterated dog love ever published on the social network. 

Irgo was flown via private charter directly to Wichita after the kerfuffle, in what can only be presumed was a cabin fit for a dog-emperor. 

Long live Irgo, but specifically in Wichita and not Japan. 

h/t Mashable

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