More Episodes of Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' Are Coming This October

'Unsolved Mysteries' is returning with six new cases.

unsolved mysteries netflix
'Unsolved Mysteries' | Netflix
'Unsolved Mysteries' | Netflix

In early July 2020, Netflix opened up another box of nostalgia and released a whole new opportunity for true-crime fans to play internet sleuth by bringing back the beloved docuseries Unsolved Mysteries. The show was rebooted in part by the 1987-2010 original's showrunners -- John Cosgrove, Terry Dunn Meurer, and Robert M. Wise -- as well as the production studio behind Stranger Things to explore another crop of stories about inexplicable paranormal instances and confounding cold cases.

Ever since Unsolved Mysteries dropped on Netflix, it's held a spot on the streamer's Top 10 most-watched shows, and interest in the new mysteries seems to only keep on growing. The reboot may have substituted the original's over-the-top reenactment format with more interviews and subtler reenactments, and knew best not find a replacement for the former longtime host Richard Stack -- but it's still managed to captivate a Netflix audience with wild stories of disappearances, murders, and alien abductions, even making some serious traction in solving the cases now that Unsolved Mysteries lives in the age of Reddit and digital detective work.

It doesn't seem like the excitement around the show will subside anytime soon, so it's definitely fair to be on the lookout for new episodes in between hunting for new clues. Below, find everything we know about whether more episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are on the way, and when "perhaps you can help solve a mystery" next. 

unsolved mysteries netflix

Will there be more episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

Don't take off your detective cap quite yet: It turns out that we haven't even seen the entirety of the Netflix reboot. According to Decider, 12 episodes were ordered for Season 1, meaning only half of them have aired so far and a second volume, including six more mysteries, are on the way. 

When will more episodes of Unsolved Mysteries come out? 

In August, Netflix announced that more episodes are set to hit the streamer on Monday, October 19, breaking the news in the most Unsolved Mysteries way possible, asking fans to be sleuths to dig up the hidden text announcing the release date on an image posted to Twitter. If you can't find the tiny text just above the white on the graphic toward the left side, we assure you, the show is coming in back in October, just in time for Halloween, which will make for an extra creepy viewing experience. 

Will the new episodes feature any updates about the cases in Volume 1?

While the new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries largely remain a mystery themselves, it has been revealed that the new batch won't include any follow-up episodes with updates about the cases in Volume 1. Fans probably could have guessed that already, considering the six upcoming installments were already complete by the time Season 1 was released and viewers began their own internet sleuthing, but the showrunners confirmed there won't be any updates, as well. 

Down the line, though, that's something the showrunners are interested in -- they're just not quite sure how to tackle it in the reboot. The original run tended to feature updates by airing episodes later in the season and Dunn Meurer told Entertainment Weekly that they would like to again, "but it's trickier on the streaming platform." She said, "I guess maybe we could produce an extra [episode]? But we're assuming that with social media if there's a significant update on any of these cases, it will probably be pushed out faster on there." 

That's definitely true, but Netflix has produced after-shows or reunions for other hits, like Tiger King and Love Is Blind, so it seems likely the streamer will think of something, should any developments come. If some of these viewer tips come through, though, follow-up episodes wouldn't be surprising.

unsolved mysteries xavier dupont de ligonnes

What will the new episodes be about? 

Largely what makes Unsolved Mysteries so great is that the series dives into true-crime or paranormal stories that few are familiar with -- so it would ruin the fun entirely if we knew which cases the series was going to explore before the episodes even air. Some vague information is available, though, so you can start scouring the internet for possible stories that fit the mold, if you're so inclined. 

So far, there's just been one international episode -- Episode 3, about the disappearance of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès -- but Dunn Meurer told Variety that there will be two more in the second half of Season 1. Plus, if you wished there were more stories of the paranormal/urban legend variety like the original series used to feature, you're in luck, because she also said there's a ghost story coming. She mentioned "it's an unusual ghost episode," though, and called it "a bit different." It's unclear what exactly that means, but it'll probably be as nightmare-inducing as the docuseries' original slate of haunting tales.

Will there be a Season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries

It's definitely great news that another handful of episodes are coming down the pipeline -- and soon -- but considering they're still a part of Season 1, that begs the question whether or not the show will come back for an additional season. Don't get too ahead of yourself, though, because a follow-up of the reboot hasn't been officially confirmed yet. Dunn Meurer said to Entertainment Weekly in early July, "I'm hoping we'll be chatting with Netflix about a Season 2 but we haven't yet."

It seems all but inevitable, though, considering how wildly popular the series has been ever since it launched. Netflix usually gives it a few weeks after a season launches to decide whether to renew it or not, looking at the viewership data -- which, if the second half of the season is anything like the first, a Season 2 is a given. 

If they do get the green light, it sounds like the showrunners would be all in and ready to go. Dunn Meurer explained they already have cases in mind, saying, "We have a database of hundreds of stories that have come in through the years. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsolved mysteries out there that we wish we could get exposure to all of them. It's so gratifying when we're able to bring people closure and our wish it to do this for more of them. That's the dream."

That'd be a dream come true for conspiracy minded, tin foil hat wearing fans everywhere, too. 

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