A bout two years ago, while Vine was healthy -- before the internet celebrities it germinated outgrew it and ultimately turned against it -- three of the bigger names on the platform teamed up with some better-known YouTube personalities for a rap battle to determine which crew’s content reigned superior.
Meant as a tongue-in-cheek, real-recognize-real roast, the faux battle pitted Vine's DeStorm Power, King Bach, and Logan Paul against the YouTube trio of Superwoman, Timothy DeLaGhetto, and D-trix. All were and remain popular social media personalities with millions of devoted fans across various platforms, and for five minutes and 36 seconds (or five minutes and 30 seconds longer than Vine could have accommodated), they fired a handful of good-natured if obvious disses at one another. The YouTubers made cracks about how "six seconds ain’t talent bro" and "we make art, you make GIFs." The Viners lobbed lines that seemed tethered to the stereotypical millennial ADD worldview that helped make Vine popular in the first place: "If you ask if I'll see the video to this song, don't be silly, Lilly, the ads are too long."
King Bach, right, with fellow internet celebrity Casey Neistat | Franzer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Logan Paul | Greg Doherty/Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Sarah Hopkins | sayhop/Vine
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