The Perfect Gifts to Buy 'Walking Dead' Fans This Holiday Season

the walking dead gifts
Nick Thackray

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But what do I buy The Walking Dead fan in my life? you wonder as the doomsday clock counts down and the zombie hunger (for presents) grows. We've got you covered. Consider these collectibles, tchotchkes, and TV-watching companions for your post-apocalyptic obsessive:

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The Walking Dead shirts and more gifts you can wear

negan's shittin' pants
Shop The Walking Dead

Negan's Shittin' Pants

AMC, $19.95
"I hope you got your shittin' pants on because you... are about to shit your pants." The Savior leader's iconic line has become a reality. Perfect for your next binge -- so you can finally say bye-bye to bathroom breaks.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Little Ass Kicker Infant Snap Suit

"Little Ass Kicker" snap suit

AMC, $19.95
Cute? Yeah. For everyone? Nope. Please only buy if the baby in question is truly deserving of this important garment. We don't need any little ass-kicker poseurs out there.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Christmas Sweater Unisex Crew Red Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon Christmas sweater

Strong Girl Clothing, $25.99
Nailed it.
Where to buy:Amazon

The Walking Dead Negan Smashing Holiday Adult Tee
Shop The Walking Dead

Smashing Holiday tee

AMC, $24.95
When your search for an "ugly Christmas sweater" comes to a screeching halt because the options are truly the worst, The Walking Dead swag bag has you covered. It's not exactly ugly. It's not exactly a Christmas sweater. But it does the trick.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV Daryl Dixon Walker Ear Prop

Walker ear necklace

AMC, $15.95
"Ever wished you could wear Daryl Dixon's necklace of Walker ears?" If you or any loved one has ever thought this, maybe don't tell anyone, and definitely don't act on it, but consider investing in this strange-but-real gift.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

Rick & Morty The Walking Dead Mash Up Shirt

The Most Ricked Negan Ever

WilliamMaxwellStudio, $13.60
"If I live a thousand years I will never do anything as good as Rick and Morty," Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman tweeted this summer. Now there is this. Everything happens for a reason.
Where to buy:Etsy

The Walking Dead Moss Walker Mask

Moss Walker mask

AMC, $59.99
Often confused with Steve Bannon, the Moss Walker is actually less scary and also just a mask -- great for those looking to get a head start on Halloween 2018.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Sling Bag

Michonne sling bag

AMC, $59.95
Should fit most books, laptops, and zombie heads.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead food and drink gifts

The Walking Dead Trio

The Walking Dead Trio

Lot18, $59 ($19.67 per bottle)
This bundle includes a Daryl Dixon cabernet sauvignon, Negan bourbon-barrel red blend, and a Rick Grimes Petite Sirah -- and they all definitely beat whatever Rick made out of wilted grapes using an abandoned port-a-potty.
Where to buy:Lot18

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide

The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide

AMC, $19.49
You'll be whipping up Carl's pudding and Hershel's spaghetti like a pro in no time.
Where to buy: Amazon

The Walking Dead Rick Shirt Apron

Rick Grimes apron

AMC, $29.95
"When I am done playing, I plan on going undercover and then being the sheriff or chief of police somewhere," former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal once said. Now you can do the same.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

Zombie Bowl


ThinkGeek, $12.99
Is your pal having tableware problems? Are they not stocked up enough? Or are their roommates always pilfering the last bowl in the cabinet? This one is so unappealing and gross-looking roommates will never touch it. Truly, a bowl you can always depend on.
Where to buy:ThinkGeek

The Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote

Pudding lunch tote

AMC, $19.95
Admittedly this tote, modeled off Carl's pudding snack, is an insane lunch bag. But probably a great conversation piece?

Someone: Let me guess. You brought pudding for lunch today, didn't you? Ha-ha.
You: No. Lentils actually.
Someone: Oh.

OK, maybe not. But probably still a nice gift for people who love pudding and The Walking Dead.
Where to buy: Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Daryl Crossbow Travel Mug

Travel mug

AMC, $19.95
Probably buy this with the crossbow (see below for an option) so you live up to the in-your-face messaging.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead toys & games

USAopoly Amc The Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit Game

The Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit

USAopoly, $22.95
This version comes with 600 questions that cover the people, locations, and events of the popular TV series (Seasons 1-7). Prepare to learn and hear dozens of aggressive "I told you so's!" -- the true sign of a successful holiday get-together.
Where to buy:Amazon

The Walking Dead TV Lucille 36-In Foam Replica Bat


AMC, $29.95
There's a foam replica of Negan's vampiric bat for the young ones and the real deal for the adults. Recreate his bloody massacring with safety, kids.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

Monopoly: The Walking Dead Game AMC TV Edition

The Walking Dead Monopoly

AMC, $44.95
Similar to other Monopoly, except now when you flip the table, you'll be playing as Carl's hat.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

Air Warriors The Walking Dead Dwight's Crossbow


Air Warriors, $19.99
Pew-pew-pew! The ammo from this won't-actually-harm-anyone toy's 10-dart clip shoots up to 100 feet so you can take out "Walkers" (i.e. sleepy roommates, annoying coworkers, unsuspecting significant others) without giving yourself away.
Where to buy:Target

THE WALKING DEAD PRO pinball machine

The Walking Dead Pro

Stern Pinball, $6,099
It's fun to dream.
Where to buy:Stern

The Walking Dead books and other geeky items

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1

The Walking Dead Compendium, Vol. 1

The Walking Dead, $39.94
Perfect for your friend who, whenever you mention The Walking Dead's rich and expansive source material, goes, Wait, what? There are comics? Enter: this door stop, which comes with O.G. issues 1-48 and will blow their mind.
Where to buy:Amazon

The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl USB Drive

Bicycle Girl USB drive

CustomUSB, $24.99
Turning the horrific image of a struggling zombie woman crawling across the grass into a portable hard drive, this item is both useful and iconic.
Where to buy: Big Bad Toy Store

The Walking Dead: Companion to the Comic Series

The Walking Dead: Comics Companion

The Walking Dead, $13.59
This companion guide includes a variety of interviews (with Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard) and feature stories (about Rick Grimes, Michonne, and locations) to enrich your consumption of the TWD world. Kind of like The Talking Dead, but in book form and with killer illustrations.
Where to buy:Amazon

The Walking Dead Michonne Letter Opener

Michonne katana letter opener

AMC, $39.95
So opening junk mail and jury duty summons can feel more thrilling.
Where to buy:Shop The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Coloring Book
Barnes & Noble

The Walking Dead Coloring Book

Mulligan Media, $5.70
No matter the age, a good way to relieve pre-apocalyptic stress.
Where to buy:Barnes & Noble

big zombie tour the walking dead set visit
Atlanta Movie Tours

Big Zombie Tour

Atlanta Movie Tours, $69 ($55 for child)
Led by "an insider who's performed on set," these tours offer a look at the show's numerous Atlanta-based filming locations and an opportunity to relive key moments. Visit Rick's hospital? Yep. Tussle in the Zombie Arena? HELL YEAH. Re-enact Negan's executions...? Oh, suuuuuure? Sure!
Where to buy:Atlanta Movie Tours

The Walking Dead Glenn stuff you need for your Glenn shrine

Walking Dead - Prison Glenn POP TV Figure

Badass Glenn POP Figurine

FunKo, $10.25
Every step I take, every move I make...
Where to buy:Amazon

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10" Deluxe Action Figure

Badass Glenn action figure

McFarlane, $39.23
Every single day, every time I pray...
Where to buy:Amazon

Walking Dead Glenn Celebrity Prayer Candle

Badass Glenn prayer candle

ScreenMonsters, $10
I'll be missin' you.
Where to buy:Etsy

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