What the New 'WandaVision' Villain Means for the Show

It's been [REDACTED] all along! Here's what might be coming after Episode 7.

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This article contains major spoilers for the seventh episode of WandaVision, "Breaking the Fourth Wall."

We knew Kathryn Hahn was up to no good! Just when it seemed like all the pieces of WandaVision were falling into place after Episode 6, the latest installment, titled "Breaking the Fourth Wall" and styled after Modern Family (with thematic shout-outs also to The Office and Happy Endings), threw a witchy wrench into things. In the last moments of Episode 7, Hahn's Agnes, who had gone out of her way to befriend Wanda and integrate her into the neighborhood (SUSPICIOUS, now that we think about it), revealed herself to be none other than Agatha Harkness, a character die-hard Marvel comic fans have suspected would turn up, given where the storyline seems to be heading.

"Agnes," who introduced herself to Wanda in the first episode and has popped up in every episode since, has actually been manipulating events in the Hex this whole time, because, as evidenced by her glowing purple energy, she has similar powers to Wanda's. In a spooky little montage set to her own theme song, Agatha reveals that everything bad or strange that's happened in the neighborhood is because of her! Pietro's appearance was her doing, which could mean that he's been working for her. (He does show back up in this episode in a mid-credits scene, in typical Marvel fashion.) Oh, and she killed the dog! She's TERRIBLE.

If you're not an obsessive Marvel Comics fan, you likely have no idea what the significance of this character is. Agatha Harkness, in the comic books, is a very old and very powerful witch, who claims to use her mutant superhuman abilities to manipulate "chaos magic"—the same thing, essentially, that Wanda does. She was born hundreds of years before Atlantis sank, and lived for a time in Salem, Massachusetts, becoming the leader of the witches and sending any unfortunate sorcerers to their doom.

In a 1989 story arc in Avengers: West Coast revisited in a 2004 Avengers plot and continued in the 2005 series House of M, Agatha plays a big hand in controlling the fate of Wanda's children: After Billy and Tommy are revealed to be merely bits of the life force of the ancient villain Mephisto, and summarily absorbed by him, Agatha Harkness wipes Wanda's memory of her sons to prevent her from trying to fight Mephisto. Later, Wanda kills Agatha when she finds out what had been done to her mind after the deaths of her sons.

Could Agatha's comic-book fate provide a hint at what the final two episodes of WandaVision will tackle? What else could her appearance mean? Is she going to be the show's big villain? Or is she merely a harbinger of an even bigger villain to come? Is WandaVision really setting up the possibility that the main Phase 4 antagonist is Marvel's version of the Devil? The final two episodes will hopefully answer these burning questions.

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