Watches under $100 from 4 stylish brands

Anthony Humphreys

Affordable watches might not make it into your grandkids' inheritance, but that's kind of the point — they're for you to wear and flaunt and, well, tell time with. The four brands below feature attainable watches meant to tell time and look good while doing it, bottom line. Meet each brand and check out their great watches for less than a Benjamin...

Fact: “Colonel” Thomas Parker, Elvis Presley’s manager, was born and raised in Breda, a city in the Netherlands. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice. Continue Reading

This Jack Threads exclusive sports a combined brown leather trim and woven navy band for a casual look and feel.

Dress it up or dress it down, this oversized watch will always make one hell of a statement.

A textured leather band and dark steel-on-black features give this watch a sinister dose of class.

The bold, minimalist face will go casual, or with a trim blazer.

WeWood sources material for its timepieces from every continent but Antarctica. Probably ‘cause they’d freeze their axes off down there. (Actually, they only use reclaimed wood.)

Natural, untreated, eco-friendly.

Makes Black Forest jokes for you.

When watchmaker Max Stührling damaged his hand in a brawl near the end of the 19th century, his 11 year-old son had to take over making timepieces until papa Max healed.

Smooth rounded edges blend nicely into a black leather strap, giving this Quartz-movement watch a sleek, fluid feel.

This watch’s sleek, minimalist face is bold but soft-spoken, and its interchangeable bands mean two watches, one price.

Anthony Humphreys

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