The Most Shocking Videos Ever to Hit YouTube


The wide web of internet video contains an almost infinite amount of shocking or awe-inspiring videos that show both the wonders of Earth’s natural spectacles and the full spectrum of human behavior. Assembled below are nine of the most shocking videos to make it to YouTube and the true stories behind them. None are intended to play on cheap shocks of the senses -- we’ll spare you the most disgusting boil popping and videos of unusual medical procedures for now -- and none can be proven to be hoaxes (like these fake outs).

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story... The Most Shocking Videos Ever to Hit YouTube.


Not all spiders abandon their eggs in a sac that's located safely away from harm. Certain species, like the wolf spider, carry their young around on their bodies until the spiderlings are old enough to venture out on their own. Some types of spider even make a thin sac that encases the young, like a backpack. In this case, the lighting of the video causes the spiderling eyes to glow green and it’s unclear what motivates the spider’s sac to suddenly burst, but the combination of the two oddities ups the shock factor significantly.

"Great White Shark Cage Breach Accident"

Witnessed on the coast of Mexico in 2016, this video shows a Great White Shark lunging at bait that has been placed near shark cages. The bait is used to lure sharks within viewing distance. Thing is, when it bites, a great white is temporarily blinded. This one lunges forward so fast, his head broke a crossbar in the shark cage, wedging the front of the shark inside the cage. Sharks cannot swim backwards, so the Great White has no choice but to thrash about until it’s able to free itself. The diver in the cage, Chan Ming, was on vacation from Shanghai and emerged without injury.

"Russian Meteor"

When a meteor is bright and ignites within the atmosphere, the phenomena is called a “bolide.” The Chelyabinsk meteor that flew over Russia in February 2013 was bright enough to be classified a “superbolide.” The meteor was 20 meters in diameter, making it almost an asteroid. The main bulk exploded about 97,000 feet above the Earth, but the sheer size and brightness makes this the largest known natural object to enter Earth’s atmosphere since the Tunguska event in 1908.

"Moment divers find man alive in sunken ship off Nigerian coast"

Harrison Okene, a 24-year old Nigerian man was a cook on a Chevron Oil tugboat capsized by heavy waves. Though trapped in the ship, Okene survived after getting caught in an air bubble. He lived inside the sunken vessel for three days in the darkness with no food and no water. He drank Coca-Cola he could find to survive. When divers were recovering the bodies of the other crew members, they were shocked when Okene reached out and grabbed the diver’s hand. Okene miraculously survived the whole ordeal.

"Dallas Police Chase"

In 2001, Burnice Wilson, a man who had prior felony convictions in Oklahoma and Missouri, stole a semi truck carrying a load of lumber from a fast-food restaurant outside of Dallas, Texas. The driver didn’t notice in time to stop Wilson, but did manage to disable the air brakes on the back of the truck. Wilson led police on a 90-minute chase (honking and waving at bystanders), but the driver's quick-thinking move eventually gave police an advantage -- but not without some filmable mayhem. When the manual brakes on the truck locked up, they also sparked, igniting some of the lumber. As you see in the video, Wilson weaves the truck back and forth to dump his cargo, almost hitting a school bus. Luckily, Wilson was caught without anyone getting hurt and he was later sentenced to 99 years in prison with the option of parole in 15 years.

"Skydivers Land After Plane Crash"

If you’re going to be in a mid-air plane crash, it's nice if you're already in the plane because you’re a proficient skydiver prepping for a big jump. 12,000 feet over Wisconsin, two planes carrying a total of nine skydivers collided in mid-air, ripping the wings off one of the planes and damaging the propeller and wing of the other. All nine sky-divers immediately jumped and safely parachuted to ground along with the pilot of the wingless plane. The pilot of the second plane, Blake Wedan, safely made an emergency landing and was treated for minor cuts.

"Arab guy survives from glass pane falling on his head"

In the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, fate and luck conspire to give a random pedestrian the scare of his life. Walking at a leisurely pace on an elevated platform next to a road, he slows to look at the sole of his left shoe as if to see if he stepped in something. He casually continues, and it’s hard to tell if that pause put him in the right place to narrowly avoid disaster or if it ended up saving him by changing his walking path enough to his left that he avoids getting chopped in half by a falling pane of glass.

"Skier Miraculously Survives 1,600 Foot Fall"

Ian McIntosh is a professional skier who routinely hits the slopes to shoot awe-inspiring videos. But his career nearly ended while working on a video for Teton Gravity Research. According to the company, which uploaded the footage, "[Ian] dropped into a line he thought he had studied thoroughly enough, only to fall into an unseen five foot deep trench on one of his first turns." McIntosh pulled his "air bag" which inflates to protect the wearer from impact injuries and tried to stop his momentum. It took him 1,600 vertical feet to stop himself, clinging to the side of a mountain.

"snake swallowed a hippo"

This is an "old internet" video that existed before YouTube was the place to stream things and the web could support high-definition, thus the myth of this video is vast, like a meme more than a clip from the news or a documentary. As best anyone can tell, this is an anaconda puking up a baby hippo. However, hippos are in Africa and anacondas are in South America. So either someone is trafficking hippos and/or anacondas, or that’s not a hippo that’s puked up, it’s a baby hippo-sized capybara whose hair has been digested off. Either way, gross.  

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