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With Westworld's dizzying first chapter finally over, it's time to prep for Season 2. Just don't be impatient, as the next batch of storylines won't be here for at least a couple years. That doesn't mean the cast and crew haven't already started talking about them. Below, we've compiled the most revealing nuggets from actor and creator interviews to give you an idea of what to expect when HBO's best show about robots returns... someday.

Season 1 was like a prequel for the rest of the series

"I think the first season is an amazing prequel and a good setup for the actual show. It's a unique show because you really could make every season different, and there are limitless possibilities. Characters can never die, and they can be a million different people. I really want to see where they're going to take everything -- and if it's going to be like the film, where there's many different worlds, and what those would be. So I certainly hope it comes back... I've had a glimpse of what Season 2 would be if we get picked up. I'm champing at the bit to do it." -- Evan Rachel Wood (to Thrillist)

Season 2 will be "defined by chaos"

"The end of the season finds us with the stakes taken all the way up. If the first season is defined by control, the second season is defined by chaos. I think that's part of what we come to understand Ford has been planning all along. Ford has set in motion what he thinks is a plan. The nature of that plan is something we explore in the second season: what his intentions are. Are they to let Dolores and the other hosts escape? Are they simply to teach the human guests a lesson?" -- co-creator Jonathan Nolan (in an HBO clip following the season finale)

It will concern "the dawn of consciousness"

"What happens at the dawn of consciousness? What happens when you begin to actually wake up?" -- J.J. Abrams, executive producer (in an HBO clip following the season finale)

The differences between humans and hosts will be explored

"[The hosts'] construction and their power source is something we're really going to get into during Season 2... They're closer to biological than they are to mechanical, but they don't suffer brain death the same way we do. They're largely indistinguishable from human beings, but their brains don’t require oxygen -- which opens up interesting possibilities. Their brains are not as fragile as ours. On one hand, their cognition is controllable and malleable, but on a structural level they can’t be killed in the same way you and I can. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a host. Season 2 we’ll be exploring more the nuts and bolts of what they are -- as the hosts themselves are trying to understand." -- Nolan (to Entertainment Weekly)

It'll be "meticulously plotted"

"My hope for Season 2 is that whatever evolution is happening, whatever movement in whatever direction is taking place, that continues to accelerate and crescendo. That’s it, and I mean that by the feel of the show. I mean that by what we see happening with Thandie and Evan. We'll see. Jonah and Lisa are very good about mapping things out. Nothing is by mistake or accident. It's all very meticulously plotted. There's part of me, the fan of the show, who doesn't want to know. But I can only imagine, having read all 10 episodes (of Season 1), where this will go and it's very exciting." -- James Marsden (to Rotten Tomatoes)

HBO is into it

"The network seems very excited with the direction of the show and very excited with where we want to take it." -- Nolan (to Variety)

In three words, the creators think it will be...

Nolan: "Total f*cking mayhem."
Co-creator Lisa Joy: "Madness and transcendence." (via Facebook Live)

Ed Harris will "be involved"

"I was just talking to Jonah Nolan last night, who's the creator of this thing with his wife, Lisa Joy, and yeah, they're doing another season; they're going to do 10 more episodes, and I will be involved." -- Ed Harris (on the BBC)

Evan Rachel Wood will return as Dolores

"No one's more excited than me to come back -- I guarantee it! That’s the only clue I'm going to give you... I know how our ending for Season 1 will segue into Season 2 and... wow [laughs]. That's all I can say. I think it was always that Season 1 was going to be this back story and setup -- getting to know the park and characters. I think Season 2 is really going to be warp speed. The show might really start in Season 2." -- Wood (to IndieWire)

But get ready for a new Dolores

"One of the things that I think is very clear is that in the past, when [Dolores] killed Arnold, she was doing that clearly at [Arnold's] behest, and at his instruction. She had no choice, and that was very clear. And then in the finale, when she pulls that trigger on Dr. Ford, that is her choice. And that's a big difference. It's not that Ford couldn't necessarily have anticipated it. ... He knows her enough, and has known her for long enough, and seen her evolution, that he could have predicted this outcome, but it's different in that this one truly comes from her. And it's absolutely her call. And I think that's a bold new starting point for her character, and we'll see where that goes second season." -- Joy (via Facebook Live)

Jeffrey Wright is in it "for the long haul"

"We could go anywhere with this, it's really just limited by the imagination of Jonah Nolan, Lisa Joy, and J.J. Abrams. And I can tell you there's some wide spaces in those imaginations. So yeah, we're in this for the long haul." -- Jeffrey Wright (to Rotten Tomatoes)

Jimmi Simpson is likely done with Westworld

[In response to a question about returning for a second season]: "No. ... I feel the same way, like gosh darn. My William has served his purpose. As of now, I'll be done at the end of Season 1." -- Jimmi Simpson (to Vanity Fair)

...or is he?

"Well, you know. Nothing's permanent. I'm not contracted to go back, but I'm sure there's a possibility." -- Simpson (to The Hollywood Reporter)

What about Anthony Hopkins?

"We were very lucky to have one amazing season with Anthony Hopkins. We loved working with him. As for the show, where it goes, the characters -- we've well established we're playing in a more advanced ruleset in terms of death and resurrection than other [projects] I've worked on. So I would say: assume nothing." -- Nolan (to EW)

And that random host Ford was working on in his personal lab -- is that going to replace anyone?

"It's a really good question. I think you want to feel the emotional impact with Ford's sacrifice at the end: here's God literally taking himself out of the equation so that his creations can have a semblance of free will." -- Nolan (via Facebook Live)

Don't forget about Elsie and Stubbs

"We know where they're going and we'll get there." -- Joy (to EW)

Harris suspects Season 2 will be very violent

"Probably won't start shooting until June or July. They sound pretty excited about what it’s about. But I have no idea what it will encompass... It sure seems like there's going to be an awful lot of violence. I think all hell's going to break loose. I don't know if I join forces with the hosts, or what... [Jonah and Lisa] have very specific plans for Season 2. I think they're gonna spend more time in Utah next season -- they were there for two weeks last season, next season will be a month." -- Harris (to EW)

Samurai World is probably on the table

[Asked prior to the finale about whether theme parks from the Westworld movies would come into play]: "You said Roman World and Medieval World, right? No." -- Nolan (via Mashable)

And potentially some other worlds, too

"We're definitely teasing there are other worlds. How many other worlds and what is the nature of the other worlds is something we’ll start to explore more in Season 2." -- Joy (to EW)

The premiere date is unclear... but it'll be a while

"My suspicion is [the second season won't be ready until] sometime in 2018 because of how big the world is and what goes into shooting it. So I don't have a date exactly -- they're going to have to map it out and write the scripts -- but my guess is sometime in '18... I didn't know exactly what to expect in Season 2. And what they came up with is as exciting, mysterious and as fun as Season 1. And completely original, as well." -- Casey Bloys, HBO programming president (to EW)

Yep, like a it's-really-coming-in-2018 kind of while

"Television's changing. And the ambition of the project is such that we're going to take our time to get the second season right. ... We won't be on the air until 2018. We started that conversation with the network when were shooting Episode 2 and we realized the complexity of trying to write and produce the show at the same time. We both work in the movie business as well, and in the movie business the best that you can possibly hope for with a film franchise is to turn around another installment in two or three years. So really on that schedule, we're doing great." -- Nolan (to Variety)

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