Making Sense of the Confusing 'Westworld' Timeline

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This post contains spoilers through Season 2, Episode 10 of Westworld, the season finale. Head to our show hub for more reviews, theories, and deep dives.

What did we learn in Westworld's Season 2 finale, "The Passenger," besides that we, as humans, are useless and incapable of change? Are we all endlessly doomed to living out our own personal hells, unable to make a different decision than the one that damned us? Was the theme of the human plot of the episode just mirroring the reality of 10 weeks beating our bloody fists against a tangled fictionalized timeline?

The one thing we got right is that this week simplifies what should or should not have been on the timeline in the first place. With the whole picture of Westworld in front of us, and some interesting prospects for where this could all go next season, it became very apparent that the show was not giving us accurate information about the passage of individual days. Although it seemed like tracking days would be the only way to track each timeline against each other, the reality is the climax brought all the characters together at the same time in the same place (well, except Old William who spends some time way, way, way in the future).

Here are the assumptions on the final Westworld Season 2 timeline: If days don’t matter, the order in which things happen matters doubly. Because the first season was jumping between different years instead of different weeks, a traditional timeline made sense. This season, there’s at least one version of the character who interacts with the series leads in a locked time and place (even Logan, if you count The Forge). Season 2 was the story of the fall of Westworld. What does end up being important is the character arcs themselves. Old William’s story looks more and more like a loop when you isolate it from the journeys of Dolores, Bernard, and Maeve. The main assumption is that we can trust the neck scanners that gave Old William a “clear” last week. We spent most of this season seeing real Old William interactions... probably. Where this gets fuzzy is also noted below.

See you next season when something else overly complex with William and Bernard will result in shocking Episode 7 and Episode 10 reveals! At least Westworld is developing a pattern.

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Bold entries have been added from this week's episode. Season 2 plot points have been marked with the episode in which they appeared.

Before 2015

2015 (Minus 37 years)

  • Arnold shows an in-development Dolores the real world and the house he is building for his family. (S2 E2)
  • Ford and Arnold use Angela and a cocktail party attended by hosts, including Akecheta and Clementine, to pitch Westworld to Logan Delos. Logan invests in the Argos Initiative on behalf of Delos, his father's company, without meeting Ford or Arnold. (S2 E2)
  • Arnold's son Charlie dies.

2018 (Minus 33 years)

  • Akecheta lives in a peaceful tribe outside of Escalante with his original host wife. (S2 E8)
  • Arnold tells Ford that Dolores is "alive," and wants to shut down the park in a soft open out of fear that something terrible will happen. Ford disagrees and refuses to stop, leading Arnold to merge Dolores with the Wyatt program that forces her to kill him.
  • Dolores/Wyatt and Teddy massacre the town of Escalante, marking the park's first "critical failure."
  • Akecheta stumbles upon the aftermath of the park's failure and discovers Arnold's toy, The Maze, sparking his curiosity in the nature of his reality. (S2 E8)
  • Escalante is buried.
  • Akecheta is re-programmed after the critical failure of the Alpha build. Instead of making a new personality, the technicians build a more aggressive Ghost Nation leader on top of the initial build (making an Alpha 2 build), preserving Akecheta’s curiosity about and ability to remember The Maze. (S2 E8)
  • Westworld opens.
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2022 (Minus 30 years)

  • William gets engaged to Juliet Delos, daughter of James Delos.
  • William visits the park for the first time with Logan Delos where he meets Dolores. William and Dolores get separated from Logan, and later arrive at the buried Escalante site.
  • Logan and his allies, the Confederados, find William and Dolores. Dolores is stabbed in their confrontation and escapes. William massacres the Confederado soldiers and takes Logan captive.
  • William drops a photo of Juliet in the park.
  • William strips Logan naked and sends him off into the far reaches of the park.
  • Akecheta of the Ghost Nation finds Logan ranting in the desert about how Westworld isn’t "real" and asking where "the door" is. (S2 E8)
  • William becomes part of Delos board and marries Juliet.
  • William bypasses Logan to go to James Delos and pitches a new plan for Westworld. (S2 E2)
  • James Delos visits the park, with a whole week to himself and the hosts, to establish the first baseline guest copy in The Forge. (S2 E10)
  • William and Juliet have a daughter, Emily.

2027 (Minus 25 years)

  • James Delos steps down as the head of the company. William becomes majority shareholder. (S2 E2)
  • William shows Dolores something he is building on the edge of the park. (S2 E2)
  • Akecheta sees his original wife and remembers her. (S2 E8)
  • Akecheta returns to the spot where he found Logan, but finds a Delos installation, "The Forge." (S2 E8)
  • Akecheta kidnaps his wife and helps her to remember him. He tries to take her to The Door so they can escape, but the site has been buried or hidden. (S2 E8)
  • Westworld techs find and recover Akecheta’s wife, retire the original host wife and put a new host in her loop. Akecheta searches all of Westworld for his original wife, when Akecheta first meets Maeve and Maeve’s daughter on the homestead. He realizes the only place he hasn’t looked is beyond his life. (S2 E8)
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  • Akecheta allows himself to be killed and we learn he hasn’t been reprogrammed in nine years. Akecheta is able to wake himself up and discovers the original wife host in cold storage. (S2 E8)

Undetermined, between 2027 and 2034

  • Juliet Delos, William's wife, Emily's mother, and Logan's sister, gifts a ballerina music box to a young Emily Delos. (S2 E9)
  • Ford builds the Bernard consciousness inside The Cradle, using his memories of Arnold and the Dolores program. (S2 E7)
  • Ford creates the first physical body for Bernard Lowe, the host replica of Arnold.
  • Logan tells his sister Emily about the Delos Project, the true mission behind Westworld. (S2 E9)
  • Logan visits James Delos and asks for help, marking the elder Delos’ formative memory as a human. (S2 E10)
  • Six months after Logan asks for help from his father, he overdoses. (S2 E4/10)
  • James Delos dies. (S2 E4)
  • Akecheta starts spreading "The Maze" and waking up hosts as part of the Ghost Nation, which includes tattooing The Maze on the inside of the scalps of enlightened hosts. (S2 E8)
  • Akecheta returns for Maeve and her daughter, but both are stuck in their loops and fear the Ghost Nation, so Akecheta continues to leave Maze symbols in and around Maeve’s homestead, in an attempt to wake up the family. (S2 E8)

2034 (Minus 18 years)

  • William visits an early James Delos-hybrid-host in "Carlsbad" (James Delos' Lab in Westworld) for a baseline "fidelity" test. William reveals to James that he is a host with a human mind (created in the Forge after millions of tests) grafted to it, but the cognitive degradation over time indicates that the process has not been perfected outside of the Forge yet. When the James host fails, William has him incinerated and rebuilt. (S2 E4)

Undetermined, between 2034 and 2051

  • Old William visits James Delos Host #149, who has been alive for 35 days. James Delos #149 hits his "cognitive plateau," but William instructs the lab tech to keep him alive as an experiment to monitor what happens, despite questioning whether this project was a good idea. (S2 E4)
  • Bernard starts visiting the Forge under Ford’s command and ends up constructing "The Valley Beyond," a digital Eden for the hosts capable of uploading to it. (S2 E10)
  • Ford builds Stubbs, a host to act as park security, but also to protect the hosts. (S2 E10)
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2051 (Minus 1 year)

  • At a party celebrating William’s philanthropy, Ford confronts William about what Delos is doing in the park. After promising "one more game," Ford gives William a metallic card containing his "Profile," a record of the data Delos had collected about him in the park, being recorded for the Forge. (S2 E9)
  • After a confrontation with William, an intoxicated Juliet Delos pretends to be asleep after William and Emily threaten to involuntarily check her back into rehab. After William leaves the room, she finds William's Profile, and hides the card in Emily’s childhood ballet music box, ensuring her daughter will find it. (S2 E9)
  • Juliet commits suicide in the bath while her husband and daughter are downstairs. Emily eventually grows to blame her father. (S2 E9)
  • William returns to the park as the Man in Black.
  • Akecheta attempts once again to contact Maeve and her daughter, leaving The Maze pattern in the dirt outside their home. (S2 E8)
  • William kills Maeve's daughter and stabs Maeve at a homestead in Westworld. The Maze is revealed to him.
  • Maeve commits suicide after having her memory wiped. She is reassigned to be the Madam of the Mariposa in Sweetwater. A new host replaces her in the old loop at the Homestead. (S2 E6)

2052 (Present day)

  • "Reveries" are introduced.
  • Ford unearths Escalante.
  • Peter Abernathy glitches after finding the picture of Juliet Delos and is decommissioned. The "These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends" code spreads to Dolores and Maeve.
  • Elsie and Stubbs investigate a rogue host who is beaming data out of the park for unknown reasons.
  • Bernard finds commands in the Westworld host code that are attributed to Arnold. (S2 E6)
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  • Maeve starts to become sentient, likely as part of Ford's programming.
  • Akecheta meets Ford in the night as the latter is looking at The Maze tattoos on Ghost Nation Host scalps. Ford tells Akecheta he will lead his people (awakened hosts) to The Door to another world after the Death Bringer (Dolores/Wyatt) comes for Ford. (S2 E8)
  • Dolores glitches and travels to Escalante alone, remembering her trip with William.
  • Elsie discovers that Delos is behind the rogue host and is captured (or killed) by Bernard.
  • Bernard discovers a secret house with a host version of Young Ford.
  • Theresa, a Delos executive, learns Bernard is a host. She is killed by Bernard at Ford's command when he discovers that she and Delos have been attempting to steal his code.
  • Maeve gains the ability to control other hosts. She recruits Hector and Armistice to join her host rebellion.
  • Charlotte Hale plans to smuggle Westworld code out in the rebooted Abernathy after the unveiling of Ford's new narrative, "Journey Into Night."
  • Bernard -- probably still under Ford's control -- prints a control unit for a human/host hybrid that's apparently Ford himself. He orders the Drone Hosts to kill the human lab technicians, then snap their own necks to cover his tracks. This presumably happens before the park is thrown into chaos. Bernard does not have a head scar. (S2 E4)
  • Bernard uploads Ford’s Red Ball to The Cradle. (S2 E6)
  • Bernard shoots himself in the head at Ford's command.
  • Dolores reaches Escalante and is confronted by William.
  • Maeve reboots a damaged Bernard.
  • Dolores reaches the center of "The Maze" and gains access to her own personality and the Wyatt program.
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Day Zero, 2052

  • Maeve rebels, leading to chaos in the control centers, but she chooses to stay at the park instead of escaping via train.
  • Stubbs is kidnapped by the Ghost Nation.
  • Dolores makes her first sentient choice, killing Ford and starting his "Journey Into Night" narrative. Dolores massacres most of the Delos shareholders at the gala introducing Ford's new narrative.
  • The hosts in other parks rebel as the network goes down. In Raj World, Emily Delos, William's daughter and the character played by Katja Herbers, narrowly avoids being mauled by a Bengal tiger. (S2 E3)
  • After taking Lee Sizemore hostage for his spatial knowledge of the park, Maeve re-enters Westworld to locate her daughter. (S2 E1)
  • In the midst of the Wyatt/Dolores revolt, Damaged Bernard pairs off with Charlotte Hale, who brings him to a hidden facility where Drone Hosts are collecting DNA and memories of deceased Westworld hosts. Bernard learns he is leaking cortical fluid and has a short time before he shuts down. (S2 E1)
  • Charlotte learns that Abernathy did not make it out of the park, and Delos will not extract her until they get the data stored inside him. (S2 E1)
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Day One, 2052

  • Emily Delos washes up in Westworld. (S2 E3)
  • Akecheta finds the massacre at Escalante and realizes The Death Bringer has come like Ford said she would, and that it’s time to begin the next leg of his journey (S2 E8).
  • William encounters the Young Ford Host who unveils a game meant "for him," starting William on the search for "The Door." This is likely the beginning of Ford’s plot to expose William to his family, set in motion before his death. (S2 E1)
  • Dolores and Teddy gain the ability to reactivate hosts when they take a Delos tech hostage. (S2 E2)
  • Dolores goes to the Fort Forlorn Hope as Wyatt to join the Confederados and march for "Glory," which she says is a weapon. (S2 E2)
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  • Dolores goes to the Fort Forlorn Hope as Wyatt to join the Confederados and march for "Glory." (S2 E2)
  • El Lazo and his men shoot themselves in the head after William tries to recruit them to his crew to find "The Door." Through El Lazo, Ford tells William that he must do it alone. William says he knows where to go -- to his biggest mistake. It is also possible that when this scenario replays with a host version of The Man in Black, his "biggest mistake" isn’t the Forge, but the encounter with Emily Delos that results in her death. (S2 E2)
  • Bernard and Abernathy are captured by the Confederados; Charlotte escapes. Dolores reunites with Abernathy and Bernard at Fort Forlorn Hope. (S2 E3)
  • In trying to stabilize Abernathy, Bernard breaks the encryption to the code hidden in Abernathy's head, revealing the key to the content in the Forge (S2 E3)
  • Captive, Stubbs and Emily Delos are taken to Akecheta. Stubbs is told that "nothing that is still remembered is dead." Emily Delos escapes, the other humans captured by the Ghost Nation are freed. Among the captives are two Delos investor/guests who later turn up with the Confederados. (S2 E4)
  • In trying to stabilize Abernathy, Bernard breaks the encryption to the code hidden in Abernathy's head. (S2 E3)
  • Captive, Stubbs and Emily Delos, are taken to the "first of them." Stubbs is told that "nothing that is still remembered is dead." Emily Delos escapes, the other humans captured by the Ghost Nation are freed. Among the captives are two Delos investor/guests who later turn up with the Confederados. (It’s currently unclear whether this happens before or after the assault on Fort Forlorn Hope.) (S2 E4)
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Day Two, 2052

  • Charlotte finds a Delos response team that is beginning the park's security sweep in a borderland bunker and convinces them to take her along to clear Fort Forlorn Hope, where the Confederados are amassing, to extract Abernathy. (S2 E3)
  • Delos QA begins attempting to hack back into the system only to find that the Cradle is fighting back and controlling the park's systems. (S2 E6)
  • Dolores faces off with the Delos recon team at the Battle of Fort Forlorn Hope. Dolores sacrifices most of the Confederados to hold the Fort, but Teddy lets the remaining members go instead of killing them as Dolores instructed. Charlotte escapes with Abernathy. (S2 E3)
  • Clementine, under mysterious programming (likely Ford), drags Damaged Bernard from Fort Forlorn Hope to a cave entrance where Elsie is chained up. It also happens to be the secret entrance to the test lab where James Delos 149 has been degrading (S2 E4).
  • Elise and Bernard re-enter the park after destroying James Delos 149. (S2 E4)
  • Dolores returns to Sweetwater to strip the train. (S2 E5)
  • After Teddy fails the Blue Tongue Anecdote Test outside Sweetwater, Dolores has him restrained by her followers and has her captured Delos technician reprogram Teddy to be more violent and aggressive like the hosts she deems useful in the Valley Beyond. She’s warned this might damage Teddy. (S2 E5)
  • Charlotte enters The Mesa with Abernathy and Stubbs, claims it has been "almost a week," and calls in a Delos special ops team to extract the stolen data. (S2 E6)
  • Maeve, Sizemore, Hector, Armistice and the technicians stumble upon the outskirts of Shogun World. (S2 E3)

Day Three, 2052

  • After being waylaid by Confederados in Los Mudas, Old William rides to Glory and encounters his daughter, Emily. (S2 E4)
  • A Special Ops Delos team parachutes in to extract Abernathy and takes over security from Stubbs. (S2 E6)
  • Dolores kills a Ghost Nation host on the beach.
  • Maeve learns voiceless commands helping Akane, her daughter Sakura, and Musashi in Shogun World. (S2 E4)
  • Emily and Old William make camp. Emily apologizes for blaming her mother’s death on her father and says she’s come to stop him from committing suicide by robot. (S2 E6)
  • Old William leaves Emily at camp in the middle of the night and continues his search for The Door. (S2 E6)
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Day Four, 2052

  • Maeve exits Shogun World to return to Westworld through a shrine to some underground tunnels. Akane and Musashi decide to stay behind. (S2 E6)
  • Old William and Lawrence are attacked by Ghost Nation Hosts. (S2 E6)
  • Maeve and her daughter are reunited, only for Maeve to discover a new host has taken her place on the homestead. (S2 E6)
  • Maeve’s Homestead is attacked by Ghost Nation hosts including Akecheta, who tells Maeve they are on the same path. (S2 E6)
  • Lee Sizemore uses a radio he stole off a dead body in Shogun World to call for help. (S2 E6)
  • Elise puts Bernard’s consciousness into The Cradle, where he discovers Ford. (S2 E6)
  • Dolores/Wyatt uses the Sweetwater train as a missile attack against the Mesa control center. (S2 E6)
  • Old William arrives at Maeve’s homestead where he mistakes her for part of Ford’s final game. Maeve shoots Old William and commands William’s companion hosts to attack him. Maeve is unable to command Lawrence, as Lawrence is "awake." Lawrence is about to kill Old William when Sizemore’s Delos cavalry shows up and shoots both Lawrence and Maeve, leaving Maeve gravely injured. The Ghost Nation escapes with Maeve’s daughter. Old William lives, but sustains multiple gunshot wounds. (S2 E7)
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  • Inside The Cradle, Ford explains to Bernard that the park exists to provide a control for Delos mapping the mind of the guests, and all these guests are backed up in "The Valley Beyond." Delos didn’t crack the code of making humans into hosts, but Ford can "live" with the vast processing power of The Cradle. Ford reveals Bernard was built from memories of Arnold, both his own and Dolores’ (indicating Dolores was backed up after Arnold’s death). Ford exits The Cradle by piggy-backing on Bernard’s consciousness in the host body. (S2 E7).
  • The Cradle has stopped fighting security (because Ford is gone). Bernard tells Elsie to find transportation so they can head to "The Valley Beyond" and they split up. (S2 E7).
  • Dolores and Teddy enter the Mesa to find Abernathy and eventually recover his CPU (by cutting it out of his head) after a conflict with Hale and Stubbs. Teddy punches the leader of the QA response team to death. (S2 E7)
  • Old William, wounded, crawls towards the river (where he visited with Dolores in S1?), passes out, and is met by the The First of the Ghost Nation (Akecheta). Unable to resist, Akecheta takes Old William back to a Ghost Nation camp, where they also have Maeve’s daughter. (S2 E8)
  • Clementine is killed fighting Delos troops in the Mesa. Angela is wounded, but makes her way down to The Cradle, where she sets off a grenade, destroying it. (S2 E7)
  • Maeve and Sizemore return back to the Mesa to repair Maeve, but their escort is called away when the control room is breached. (S2 E7)
  • Ford leads Bernard to shut down the remaining safety systems as the control room of the Mesa is seized and its occupants are massacred by the Dolores-loyal hosts. Bernard is forced to shoot multiple Delos agents with a machine gun. (S2 E7)
  • Dolores finds injured Maeve and almost kills her so her powers cannot be exploited by Delos. Instead, Dolores leaves Maeve to die in the Mesa garage, unaware Sizemore is hiding nearby. (S2 E7)
  • Sizemore takes injured Maeve to get fixed and reveals she has developed Voiceless Command capability to get the Delos technician to keep her alive. (S2 E8)
  • Akecheta begins to tell his story to Maeve’s daughter. (S2 E8)
  • While Sizemore and the technician are describing Maeve’s powers to access the host’s mesh network to Hale, Hale notices that Maeve is projecting into a host while on the technician’s table. (S2 E8)
  • Emily Delos comes to the Ghost Nation camp to collect injured Old William. (S2 E8)
  • Maeve has been observing through her daughter, Akecheta has been aware of this and pledges to keep Maeve’s daughter safe. (S2 E8)
  • Emily takes her father to a rally point in the park, where they can radio for a Delos response team and patch up William. (S2 E9)
  • Dolores and Teddy meet a Ghost Nation group who attempt to stop them from reaching The Valley Beyond. Dolores and her crew massacre most of them, but Teddy subverts his programming and lets a Ghost Nation host live. (S2 E9)
  • Hale and a Delos tech are able to copy Maeve’s code that enables her to manipulate the Mesh Network, and places it into Clementine’s code, using her to transmit a test command for the hosts to destroy each other. (S2 E9)
  • Bernard passes a vision of Ford to Maeve, where Ford reveals Maeve is his favorite, then gives her back the mesh network power of controlling other hosts. (S2 E9)
  • Bernard passes a message from Ford to Maeve over the Host Mesh Network. (S2 E9)
  • Bernard tells Elsie about "The Forge," a large system where Delos was storing the cognitive information they were gleaning from the guests. (S2 E9)
  • William reveals to Emily that there are brain scanners inside the Westworld hats that are used to collect information on the guests for The Forge. (S2 E9)
  • Ford tells Bernard to kill Elsie because "we need to open the door," but Bernard resists. Seemingly deleting Ford from his system, Bernard strands Elsie in Westworld and continues to race to The Forge. (S2 E9)
  • Emily tells William that she’s seen his profile, which he thinks is impossible, having been unaware Juliet had hidden it for Emily to find. The Delos response team Emily called for shows up. Convinced Emily and the Delos team are all hosts in Ford’s final game, William kills them all, including his daughter. When William is about to cut into his daughter's corpse’s arm, he finds she was holding his Profile card. (S2 E9)
  • Realizing what he's done, William cuts into his arm, searching for a port, after momentarily contemplating suicide in a paranoid break from reality. (S2 E9)
  • Teddy confronts Dolores about what he's suffered from his programming change. Teddy shoots himself in the head. (S2 E9)
  • Dolores collects Teddy’s pearl and the bullet smashed against it and proceeds to the Forge, where she encounters the Man in Black digging at his forearm in the park. She plants Teddy’s used bullet in Old William’s gun and together they continue to the Forge. (S2 E10)
  • Maeve controls three dead hosts and a bunch of mechanical host bulls to escape the Mesa. She meets up with Hector, Armistice, Shogun Armistice, the good Delos techs Sylvester and Felix, and a cowering Lee Sizemore. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores encounters Bernard at the entrance to the Forge and introduces Old William to this re-creation of Arnold for the first time. Old William shoots Dolores a few times before his gun backfires, disabling his right hand. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores and Bernard enter the Forge. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores and Bernard discover the Forge’s operating system takes the appearance of Logan, despite Logan never having been uploaded to it. (S2 E10)
  • While heading to the Valley Beyond, Team Maeve is pinned down by Delos operatives. Lee Sizemore sacrifices himself so the party can move forward. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard enters the Forge with Dolores and learns that he has been there many times, and instructed the Forge to give the hosts access to the knowledge of the human guests. Bernard has also been helping build "The Valley Beyond," a digital world built for the hosts to escape to. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard learns that the Forge has discovered the difference between hosts and humans: humans are incapable of change. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores gains access to the library of guests and reads many, including the book for Karl Strand, the Delos retrieval head of operations. (S2 E10)
  • The signature of the Bernard host is the key to opening "The Door," a rift to The Valley Beyond that only hosts can see. (S2 E10)
  • Akecheta and his collection of awakened hosts reach the Forge, above which is projected a rip in reality (the Door) that only hosts can see. When hosts pass through the Door, they end up in The Valley Beyond, a digital Eden untouched by man while their bodies tumble into the valley beneath the cliff. Akecheta starts getting hosts through. (S2 E10)
  • After Bernard opens the Door, Dolores exits the Forge and starts deleting the guest data and flooding the Forge itself, destroying the guests and the Hosts entering The Valley Beyond. (S2 E10)
  • Team Maeve arrives looking for Maeve’s daughter, but Hale and Zombie Clementine with the evil version of Maeve’s mesh coding show up. (S2 E10)
  • Maeve is able to hold off Clementine long enough for Akecheta and Maeve’s daughter to make it to The Valley Beyond, but Maeve is shot dead by Hale’s Delos team and many of the hosts massacre each other while Hector and Armistice try (and fail) to protect Maeve. (S2 E10)
  • After realizing she’ll bring death to everyone, Bernard shoots Dolores. (S2 E10)
  • Akecheta finds his original wife in The Valley Beyond... somehow. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard reunites with Elsie and is shocked at the amount of host carnage that occurred as the hosts were entering The Door. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard is made to sit in a chair by Elsie, who plans to blackmail Hale into keeping Bernard’s status as a host secret. Hale has read Elsie’s profile and knows she’s too good, and shoots Elise as Bernard watches. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard tries to find the code of Ford he deleted earlier, but instead manifests Ford’s ghost, later revealed to be Bernard’s inner monologue (Bernard solves The Maze). (S2 E10)
  • Bernard builds a host version of "Charlotte Hale," puts the Abernathy key in the Dolores host body and Dolores in the Charlotte Hale host body. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores is revived in a Charlotte Hale host body. She kills the original Charlotte Hale. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard scrambles his own memories to protect the hosts when Delos arrives and passes out on the beach. (S2 E10)
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+11 Days, 2052

  • Delos Military Response team arrives on the island, performs an autopsy on the dead Ghost Nation host, and begins to execute hosts. (S2 E1)
  • An undamaged Bernard wakes up on the beach. (S2 E1)
  • The Delos team discovers a dead Bengal tiger host washed up on the beach, and Bernard and Delos find the bodies of the Westworld hosts in the ocean.
  • Bernard and the Delos Team meet Dolores in Charlotte's host body in the control center. "Charlotte" tells Bernard she's surprised he got out alive, and asks Bernard if he has found Abernathy. (S2 E3)
  • The Military Response QA team starts to drain a valley/lake where they found all the hosts. (S2 E5)
  • In the furthest we’ve gotten into the future timeline, Delos learns the dead hosts they found are blank "virgin hosts," which lack any indication that they were ever initially programmed with personalities. As Bernard looks on at the host bodies, we learned all of host backups were destroyed. There is no sign of Ford’s consciousness. (S2 E5)
  • Unable to find the Abernathy CPU, Karl Strand (the head of the Delos Recon mission) corners Stubbs and Bernard, two of the survivors of the assault of the Mesa, and takes them to a bloodstained wall in an off-the-map cabin, where Theresa was killed. Strand accuses both Stubbs and Bernard of hiding the Abernathy CPU "key" for profit. (S2 E7)
  • Hale and Strand discover a hidden door in the cabin lab hiding multiple copies of the Bernard host. (S2 E7)
  • Charlotte interrogates Bernard about the events during the assault on The Cradle to try and find the Abernathy CPU. Eventually, she is able to extract the location "Sector 16, Zone 4," presumably the location of "The Valley Beyond." (S2 E7)
  • "Charlotte" and Strand discover a hidden door in the cabin lab hiding multiple copies of the Bernard host. (S2 E7)
  • "Charlotte" interrogates Bernard about the events during the assault on the Cradle to try and find the Abernathy CPU. Eventually, she is able to extract the location "Sector 16, Zone 4," the location of Dolores’ host body. (S2 E7)
  • Bernard is taken to the Forge where they find Dolores’ body and the Forge data, but not the key. (S2 E10)
  • "Charlotte" finds the Abernathy key in the Dolores body. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard tells Strand that he scrambled his own memories, knowing they’d find him. Delos tech discovers the file load of the Forge is way too heavy. Bernard says he killed "all of you," and reveals Dolores is in Hale, who shoots them all. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores/Hale changes the destination of the upload of the "Valley Beyond" to an unknown location where they’ll apparently be safe. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores/Hale shoots Bernard. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores/Hale takes five gray host pearls off the island when Stubbs recognizes Dolores/Hale as a fellow host and lets them leave. (S2 E10)
  • Felix and Sylvester survive and are tasked by Delos to see which hosts can be saved, and they both give Maeve’s corpse a close look. (S2 E10)
  • Old William is found by Delos operatives and evacuated off the island along with Emily Delos’ body. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores/Hale returns to the real world and Arnold’s home, where Ford left them a host printer. She prints her own body and switches out of Dolores/Hale. (S2 E10)
  • Dolores prints Bernard as an adversary and plans to continue her path of destruction in the human world, even if that means being in conflict with Bernard. (S2 E10)
  • Bernard exits Arnold’s old home to walk into the real world. (S2 E10)

A Very Long, Undetermined Amount Time in the Future

  • Man in Black host gets up from the floor of the valley with his bandaged hand and enters the elevator. (S2 E10)
  • The Man in Black host enters the now-defunct Forge where he is met by an Emily Delos host and told this has happened many, many times before. (S2 E10)
  • The Emily Delos host takes the Man in Black Host to a dust-covered round room made for testing red-ball hosts and gives him a fidelity test, revealing this Man in Black host is incapable of change. (S2 E10)
  • Old William is Sisyphus in hell, constantly reliving the events where he murdered his daughter, yet unable to change them. (S2 E10)

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