What Color Is This Orange?

Published On 02/27/2015 Published On 02/27/2015

Yesterday, a photo of an orange surfaced on MySpace that has shaken the world to its core, forcing everyone in its havoc-wreaking path to question literally everything in their lives.

And also, its color. 

Some eyewitnesses swear that the orange is blue and black, and not just in some reverse colloquial way because it's slightly bruised. Others are completely intractable about it being white and gold, and will wager 12 more oranges that they're correct. One colorblind guy, who was in the apartment where the magical orange was found, reportedly picked up the pear next to it, inspected that, and fainted seconds later. Humanity is being torn apart.

So the question becomes: what color is this orange? We need you, the people who can see oranges, to decide.



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