What to Do During the 'Hateful Eight' Intermission

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The Weinstein Company

Come January, Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight will play in two theatrical formats: a single, two-and-a-half-hour cut and a beefier, three-hour version. The latter, dubbed the "Roadshow" version, includes a musical overture and 12-minute intermission a few minutes past the halfway mark.

Hateful's intermission is a throwback to the days of Gone with the Wind, Ben-Hur, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, when movies ran long and audiences weren’t binge-ready. These days, with studios delivering most of its popcorn entertainment in about two hours, the intermission has gone the way of the affordable movie snack: the last Hollywood offering to feature a true intermission was the 219-minute Civil War movie Gods and Generals back in 2003. Tarantino intends his Western whodunnit to be more of a time machine than mere homage to old cinema.

While Tarantino's heart is in the right place, that 12 minutes might seem like an eternity to some modern movie-goers. Here are some things you might consider doing during that time:

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1. Look up why Christoph Waltz isn't playing the Tim Roth role -- because, c'mon, that part has Christoph Waltz's name written all over it.

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2. Complete six Cruis'n World races in the movie theater's arcade.

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3. Recall your high-school history class' Reconstruction lesson with these factual highlights.

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4. Listen to this 12-minute "Best of Ennio Morricone" playlist.

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5. Perform one of these short workouts in the theater lobby.

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7. Absorb this breakdown on 70mm projection, and then read an interview about why Tarantino is obsessed with it.

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8. Remember the time Tarantino swore off making The Hateful Eight as a movie and instead performed it on stage as a "live read."

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9. Read Spike Lee's comments on Tarantino's use of the "n-word," then read Tarantino's rebuttal, and then read Samuel L. Jackson's parsing of the feud.

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10. Watch a supercut of Tarantino's musical moments, grizzly deaths, and pop-culture references (above).

<strong>The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly |</strong> MGM

11. Add Quentin Tarantino's 20 favorite Westerns to your streaming queues.

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12. Read the front page of a Wyoming newspaper, printed on December 30, 1867.

Then go finish the movie. Only an hour and a half left.

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