Thrillist's Big Deal October Calendar

Assuming you can find time to do anything other than fret about how you're going to watch your favorite NHL stars when they're playing in Croatia, this nifty calendar for the upcoming month will help you cut through the static. Here's a taste of what's in store:

  • 10/1: Today marks the start of Positive Attitude Month. Hey Positive Attitude Month... f*** you.
  • 10/5: In Taken 2, government-trained badass Liam Neeson sets out to save his family in spite of his ex-wife being a deceitful ingrate, and his daughter being a 30-year-old high school student.
  • 10/9: Rick Springfield to release "Songs for the End of the World", detail personal tribulations during Cretaceous-period asteroid disaster.

Of course you'll have to click through to see the full cal, but if you don't, planning the rest of October will feel like skating uphill... with Gary Bettman on your back