5 Things on Streaming to Watch Over Labor Day Weekend

We've got you covered with streaming gems for the long weekend.

what we do in the shadows, kristen schaal cameo
Kristen Schaal guest starring in 'What We Do in the Shadows' Season 3. | FX
Kristen Schaal guest starring in 'What We Do in the Shadows' Season 3. | FX

It's September, the last of the summer hot spells has broken, and there's a cool breeze kicking up the first of the fall leaves. It might not be autumn officially, but it's autumn emotionally, and we've decided to gather together the perfect fall programming, both new and old, to keep you occupied over the long Labor Day weekend. From romance to romantic horror to just plain horror, we've got you covered.

what we do in the shadows season 3

What We Do in the Shadows Season 3 premiere on Hulu

The fantastic Staten Island-based spinoff of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's hilarious vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows is in its third season this weekend, following the further exploits of a group of vampiric flatmates and their obsessive human familiar as they struggle to fit in with normal society. If you haven't already cracked this series, now's the time: each episode is only a half hour long, and it's proven itself to be one of the best comedies on television, marrying the vibes of classic horror with its own brand of absurdist humor. Season's 2's Jackie Daytona won't be back this season, but nothing's stopping you from putting that episode on repeat. Just a suggestion.

moonstruck cher nic cage

Moonstruck on Criterion Channel

If you have not yet been initiated into the cult of Moonstruck, this is your official sign. As part of the Criterion Channel's curated New York Stories collection (all 61 of which are worth checking out), Norman Jewison's classic rom-com about a widowed Italian-American woman who falls in love with her new fiance's asshole brother has only grown its fanbase over the years. Nothing, literally nothing, is more romantic than watching Cher and Nic Cage just screaming at each other.

crimson peak mia wasikowska
Universal Pictures

Crimson Peak on Netflix

Perhaps Guillermo del Toro's most underrated movie (I'll save my "Mimic is great actually" rant for another time), Crimson Peak perplexed audiences who went in expecting a straight-up horror movie from the modern master of the grotesque. Instead, what we got was an opulent, fabulously atmospheric gothic romance that tossed us back to the days of Henry James and Daphne du Maurier, when there's always a dashing but troubled love interest, a horrific dark secret, and at least one woman in a flowing white nightdress running away from a scary house.

evil show

Evil on Paramount+

Like Manifest and You, CBS's Evil, a procedural about a priest in training, a forensic psychologist, and a pragmatic tech expert investigating supernatural phenomena, got belatedly super popular only after its first season was made available to stream on Netflix. Now streaming on Paramount+, Evil is in its second season, which just started up again after taking a month's hiatus. It's most recent episode, a nearly dialogue-less demonic mystery set inside a monastery whose residents have taken a vow of silence, is an absolute masterstroke, and the perfect introduction to the show for anyone who has yet to crack it open.

when harry met sally
Columbia Pictures

When Harry Met Sally... on HBO Max

Consider this less of a recommendation and more of a loud reminder that WHEN HARRY MET SALLY IS AVAILABLE ON HBO MAX FOR YOU TO WATCH RIGHT NOW GO GO GO. It's Meg Ryan, it's Billy Crystal, it's Nora Ephron, it's New York City in reds and browns and golds. If you're looking for Fall Vibes, this is it, this is it, baby, and it doesn't get any cozier than this. Brew yourself a hot little drink, bundle yourself up in a warm little cardigan, and plop yourself down on your couch because you will not be getting up from it for the next 96 minutes.

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