The Most Shocking Twists From 'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2

The second season of the hit Netflix mystery had some major reveals, and one cliffhanger that puts the whole narrative of who actually killed Sara into question.

who killed sara?

Following two rapidly released seasons, Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? has quickly become 2021’s murder mystery obsession. Centered around ex-convict Álex Guzmán’s (Manolo Cardona) efforts to discover who killed his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) and exact his revenge on the family who swindled him into a decade-spanning prison stint, Who Killed Sara? had a lot going on from the jump.

The close of Who Killed Sara?’s first season brought even more mysteries to the forefront, and although the titular inquiry remained unsolved, the show’s second season had the potential to be even more thrilling and unpredictable than its predecessor. With the recent release of eight new episodes, there’s no question that the second season of Netflix’s Mexico-based thriller was just that. The Agatha Christie-inspired series exceeded expectations and introduced far more twists than viewers were likely prepared for, from Sara’s troubling past to the tragedies that befell the Lazcano family.

Having already answered all of the questions that were still lingering from the first season of Netflix’s never-ending murder mystery, we’re ready to dive into all of the insane twists from Season 2. Spoilers galore await, so if you haven’t seen the latest round of episodes, turn back right now. For everyone else who’s down for more Who Killed Sara? talk, let’s break down the biggest WTF moments from Season 2.

Sara had a horrific past

After finding Sara’s hidden diary and the body buried in his backyard, Álex comes to the conclusion that Sara may not have been mentally stable. He then takes a temporary break from solving her murder and visits Sara’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Alanis, who informs Álex of Sara’s past mental health struggles. According to Dr. Alanis, Sara was both schizophrenic and a harmful sociopath. Furthermore, flashbacks to when Álex’s mother first started visiting the psychiatric doctor reveal that Sara was the byproduct of rape, and her father was similarly mentally unstable.

Sara underwent electroconvulsive therapy

After finding out that Sara was forced to see a psychiatrist prior to her untimely death, there are several flashback scenes that show Sara’s unwillingness to meet with Dr. Alanis, but later on the season, Sara appears to have accepted that she does in fact need help. In the penultimate episode “We Were Never Friends,” a quick flashback shows Sara telling Dr. Alanis, “Please doctor. I don’t want to be like my dad.”

In the much-too-short scene, Sara is seen strapped down to a hospital bed with wires attached to her forehead. Dr. Alanis then places a guard into her mouth and immediately starts a round of electroconvulsive therapy. With this being the only moment of Who Killed Sara? that shows Sara actually undergoing any procedures, it’s unclear how this shocking decision affected Sara moving forward.

who killed sara?

Sara’s family tree is a lot bigger than we thought

One of the biggest shockers of the season was that Sara’s mother wasn’t just sexually assaulted by a random, deranged man, but rather her next door neighbor’s husband, Abel Martinez. Thus, Sara’s family tree is a lot bigger and more complex than everyone thought it was when we were introduced to her in the first season of Who Killed Sara? In addition to her newfound father, Sara also has two new half sisters as well, Clara (Fátima Molina) and Marifer (Ela Velden). Upon realizing that she has a much bigger and not-so-happy family, Sara is then attacked by Abel while home alone. César Lazcano (Ginés García Millán) and his now-estranged partner Sergio showed up in time to save her, but they also killed Abel in the process. 

After witnessing the death of Clara and Marifer’s father and burying him in her backyard, Sara keeps the tiny tidbit that all three girls are actually sisters to herself and immediately starts to alienate her best friend, so none of the characters learn of their familial ties until well after Abel’s body is excavated from the Guzmán’s backyard.

Chema’s life goes to shit

...And, honestly, that’s an understatement. During Season 1, Elroy was the tragic character of Who Killed Sara?, but in Season 2, an enormous cloud of negativity and pain eclipses José María/Chema (Eugenio Siller), his partner Lorenzo (Luis Roberto Guzmán), and their surrogate Clara.

Trouble was already brewing for the trio in the first season following Lorenzo’s distaste with Don César’s apparent lack of family values, but things came to a head when Chema was forced to kill Clara’s ex-boyfriend Moncho in self defense after he broke into their house and tried to extort them. Chema, Lorenzo, and Clara—almost—successfully got away with murdering Clara’s ex, but eventually the law started catching onto them. However, just when it appeared that the trio had outsmarted an overzealous investigator, Mocho’s brother snuck onto their property and vengefully killed Lorenzo.

As if that wasn’t enough to send Chema off the deep end, Marifer—who was in an erratic mindstate after realizing that she cut the parachute ropes that led to her half sister’s demise—ends up accidentally shooting and killing Clara during a heated meeting with Mariana Lazcano (Claudia Ramírez). Thus, having lost his faithful and loving partner, childhood friend, and unborn child in one fell swoop, José María embraces the ever-growing L and turns himself into the police, confessing to killing both Mocho and Abel Martinez.

who killed sara?

Nicandro is back from the dead and is responsible for Sara's death

One of the biggest dupes of Who Killed Sara?’s second season was that Nicandro (Matías Novoa), one of Rodolpho’s friends who was present on the day of Sara’s parasailing accident, was actually alive. In Season 1 Episode 9, Álex discovered Nicandro’s death certificate while trying to figure out if he is Diana the Huntress. At the time of his discovery, viewers and characters were convinced that Nicandro could effectively be ruled out as Diana the Huntress as well as Sara’s killer. However, we were all naive to believe series creator and showrunner José Ignacio Valenzuela’s sleight of hand.

In a game-changing return, Nicandro not only helps to expose Marifer as Diana the Huntress, he also villainously confesses to killing Sara with the help of Dr. Alanis in the final moments of Season 2. After confessing that she cut Sara’s parachute ropes, most of the characters are convinced that Marifer—who may or may not be dead following the blaze at the Lazcano’s casino—is responsible for Sara’s death, but Nicandro’s private call to Dr. Alanis opens up a whole new mystery.

It would be the series’ most unexpected twist yet, but perhaps Sara’s parasailing accident didn’t cause her death after all. We’ll have to wait until the third season of Who Killed Sara? to (hopefully) know for certain what happened to Álex’s younger sister, but for now, we definitely know that Nicandro and Dr. Alanis are hiding something huge.

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