The Most Pressing, Spoiler-y 'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2 Questions Answered

Here's a cheat sheet if you love the series, but need to know the answers to your lingering Season 1 questions *right now.*

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Only a couple of months after its Season 1 debut, Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? is back with its highly anticipated second season. With eight new 40-minute episodes available, Who Killed Sara? picks up right where the Season 1 finale left off, focusing on Sara Guzmán’s (Ximena Lamadrid) disturbing diary, as well as the decayed skeleton found buried in Alex’s (Manolo Cardona) backyard. In order to solve these new mysteries, Alex, Elisa (Carolina Miranda), and Marifer (Ela Velden)—who is still masquerading as Diana the Huntress—slowly uncover bits and pieces of Sara’s past, which is filled with mental health struggles and violent outbursts at those closest to her. 

Characters such as José María (Eugenio Siller), Lorenzo (Luis Roberto Guzmán), and their surrogate Clara (Fátima Molina) return, and as they deal with the Lazcano family’s toxicity during Season 1, their three-way entanglement is one of the soapiest, yet captivating, aspects of the second season. With all of the wild developments happening throughout Who Killed Sara?’s new episodes, Rodolpho’s role is slightly diminished, but the naive elder Lazcano brother does notably make a triumphant stand against his family’s never-ending wrongdoings in the latter half of the season.

But with the arrival of Who Killed Sara?’s second season, we all know what the big draw was going into it: finally finding out who killed Sara. If you’ve been waiting for confirmation that your time spent bingeing eight more episodes of Netflix’s murder mystery telenovala wouldn’t be in vein, here it is. We finally know who killed Alex’s younger sister. Well, kind of.
Spoiler alert: From this point forward, there are mind-blowing reveals that will likely ruin most of the surprises in store for viewers, so proceed at your own risk. If you’re good with learning the identity of Sara’s murder and the answers to all of those other questions we were left with after Season 1, let’s get right to it. 

who killed sara season 2

Did Elroy really die?

Unfortunately, Elroy did in fact perish in the hospital, and as many predicted, the Lazcano family’s longtime assistant and work associate died at the hands of Mariana Lazcano, which is officially confirmed in the season's second episode, “Blood on Their Hands.” Confessing to Mariana that he couldn’t bring himself to cut the ropes that led to Sara’s parasailing accident, Elroy tells the Lazcano matriarch that it had to be someone else in the family that was responsible for her death. With that game-changing information finally revealed, Mariana regroups before coming back to the hospital and poisoning Elroy’s IV, which ultimately seals poor Elroy’s fate.

Was the mysterious body buried in Alex’s backyard identified?

Yes, and after being identified as Abel Martinez, no further charges were brought against Alex. As far as who exactly Abel was and why he ended up in Alex’s backyard, that’s an entirely different story, but his actions throughout his life had serious implications for many of Who Killed Sara?’s major characters.

What was Diana the Huntress’s end game?

As teased by her willingness to help Alex throughout the entire first season, Diana the Huntress, a.k.a. Marifer, always had her sights on the Lazcano family. Her and Clara’s mother used to work for the Lazcanos as a housekeeper, and one day after a huge fight with Don César (Ginés García Millán), she mysteriously went missing. In the sixth episode “This Is Personal,” Marifer reveals that her master plan to exact her revenge on the Lazcano family and find out the truth behind her mother’s disappearance involved positioning her sister Clara to become José María and Lorenzo’s surrogate, and once the baby arrived, they would hold César and Mariana’s grandchild hostage until they got the information that they’ve been desperately seeking for decades. Sound a bit convoluted? Well, welcome to Who Killed Sara?

who killed sara season 2

How long does it take to find out the real person behind Sara’s death?

Perhaps one of the biggest twists of Who Killed Sara? Season 2 is that viewers will have to watch all eight of the new episodes to find out the series' big secret. In the final 10 minutes of the season closer “I Killed Sara,” the person responsible for cutting the parachute ropes finally confesses to the crime.

So, do we finally know who killed Sara?

Once again, this answer can’t be answered without an asterisk. As previously mentioned, someone confessed to cutting the parachute ropes in “I Killed Sara,” and to many viewers’ astonishment, it was Marifer. The blazing insanity of the season finale appears to have taken Marifer out of the picture, and under normal circumstances that would have been a huge win for Alex and co. However, after the dust settles and all of the characters appear to move on with their lives, the closing moments of the episode show Nicandro (Matías Novoa)—who was previously said to have died several years prior to Alex’s release from jail at the start of Season 1—drops an even bigger bombshell.

After thumbing through old files that reveal Sara was the first subject in a not-too ethical-looking mental health research project, Nicandro calls up Dr. Alanis, and during their conversation it is revealed that those two—and perhaps more soon-to-be revealed parties—were involved in Sara’s murder. Acknowledging that Alex is under the assumption that Marifer is the true culprit, Nicandro says, “Let him believe she is the murderer. Neither him nor the Lazcanos can know who really killed Sara. Listen closely, no one can know we were behind it.” With that big reveal, Season 2 of Who Killed Sara? ends, so although we know that Nicandro admits his role in killing Sara, there’s no context as to how he did it when Marifer was the one who cut the ropes. Once again, viewers will have to wait for yet another season to figure out the full story of what really happened to Sara Guzmán.

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