PETA looks to crown the Sexiest Vegan Next Door

Annie - Chicago, IL

PETA’s mercifully taking a break from protesting everything under the sun (also, possibly the sun) to bring you the Sexiest Vegan Next Door competition. Annie Fosnacht, a personal trainer from Chicago, will be tough to beat, but check the slideshow to see eight other competitors who just might take the soy and almond flour-based cake.

Yerika - Bolingbrook, IL

Like Annie, Yerika also hails from the Land of Lincoln. Unlike Annie, she appears to be wearing clothes, which might not play well with the judges.

Rachelle - Las Vegas, NV

Rachelle is from Las Vegas, apparently having completed her erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.

Asra - Los Angeles, CA

Why are you hiding your face, Asra of Los Angeles? Did you see a porterhouse?

Nastasha - Oceanside, CA

Natasha's another Cali girl (Oceanside), in case the surfboard didn't tip you off.

Marchesa - Bonsall, CA

It's a run on California vegans... shocking! Whatever's making Marchesa glisten, it probably isn't pork grease.

Lindsey - Sarasota, FL

What are you looking at, Lindsey of Sarasota, Florida? It's quinoa, isn't it?

Lauren - Burbank, CA

Lauren of Burbank, CA is sporting more pink than a perfect, medium rare steak.

Delaney - Altamonte Springs, FL

Delaney, another Floridian, is wearing black in mourning of the steak Lauren just inspired you to cook.