Wine tastes 10 times better with 10 times more oxygen

Fancy restaurants serve wine in funny shaped glass bottles (called decanters) for a reason -- decanting adds oxygen to the wine and lets it breathe, which makes it taste better. Your consumption of good wine shouldn’t be limited to expensive dinners, and that’s where Menu’s Wine Breather Carafe comes into play.


Wine Breather Carafe - $50

Inspired by laboratories, pipes, tubes, and bubbly chemical flasks, Wine Breather is an at-home chemistry set for wine, minus any explosions or chemical burns. It’s also way easier do than actual science:

  1. Press the decanter on top of an opened bottle of wine...
  2. Flip the whole shebang upside down (carefully)...
  3. Watch your wine rain down Wine Breather’s glass walls and BREATHE, DAMNIT, BREATHE!

Et voilà! Your vino now has 10 times as much oxygen as it did before.

If you’re not planning to finish the whole bottle (...what?), or if you’d rather sip serve straight from the bottle, just flip your Wine Breather back upside down (with the bottle still attached) and the wine flows right back into its original home.