23 New Orleans Instagrams You Should Be Following

When it comes to photogenic cities, it’s difficult to beat New Orleans. Between the food, the nature, the architecture, the art, the people, the festivals, and the sheer weirdness of it all put together, you can’t throw an iPhone 5ft without hitting someone with a lens of some sort, probably another iPhone, probably Instagramming something. Well, here are the IGers to follow if you want a healthy dose of everything NOLA...


Beautiful kitchen shots, mostly (duh) revolving around delicious-looking baked goods and other foodstuffs.


Susan Whelan shares her love of local flowers. Also, cocktails, festivals, and the usual New Orleans-y things.


Really cool local photography, from live music to sports, portraits, nature, and other neat stuff.


More beautiful local photography featuring Mardi Gras Indians, landscapes, musicians, and those sorts of things.


Photographer Frank Relle is worth following for his haunting, humbling photos of the city’s architecture and nature.


This one is worth following because at least half of it consists of hilarious photos depicting notoriously grumpy deli owner Dan Stein asleep in various positions in various parts of the restaurant. Also, pastrami. Mmm.


New Orleans has a festival celebrating something or other pretty much every week, often several of them. Keep up with this and you’ll find out what you might have missed at Oyster Fest, or Cupcake Fest, or Voodoo Fest, or Crawfish Fest, or Gumbo Fest...


Stunning shots of New Orleans and its people. Simple as that.


The Big Easy is in a permanent state of decay and renewal; this account focuses on the latter. Here you’ll find a compilation of hauntingly beautiful pics of places that have fallen by the wayside.


Portraiture and brief stories of and about local New Orleanians. Always fascinating.


Yeah, it’s the New Orleans Saints, ya heard? WHO DAT!!! (Note: you may not want to have been following them this past season... sigh.)


Trixie Minx is one of the city’s best (and funniest) burlesque performers, and is worth following for photos of flesh and other fun things.


Grace Wilson loves New Orleans. It shows. Follow her, and you’ll see just how much.


Photographer Ashley Merlin is known for her studies of NOLA monuments and statues, of which there are more than we can count, but there’s more to love here, including food, nature, and live music.


For a taste of the state outside of (and often including) New Orleans, check out the official LA Travel & Tourism folks, who collect superb images of “the boot” with the hashtag #onlylouisiana.


Sean Gardner’s jaw-dropping 'grams are definitely worth following.


Sports, sports, and more sports! Amazing action shots and more, everything from high school football to the Pelicans, Tulane women’s hoops, you name it.


Chefs these days aren’t solely relegated to the kitchen -- they know how much people like Instagrams of their food, so why not take control of that fact and just do it themselves? Alon Shaya, of Domenica, PIZZA Domenica, and the forthcoming Shaya, makes great food, and takes great ‘grams of the great food he makes. It’s all very meta.


Pastry Chef Lisa Marie White chronicles her kitchen life here, which will make you want to eat EVERYTHING.


Local photojournalism doesn’t get much better than this.


If you’re into the New Orleans arts, gallery, and boutique scene, this is the one you want to be following.


There are too many food ‘grammers to follow in NOLA to list herewith, but Emily Smith (aka “fleur delicious”) is one to consistently check out not just for great images, but also to see what’s new and cool to eat in town.


This whippersnapper knows his way around some food shots, no doubt about it. Don’t view while hungry, he’ll just make you hungrier.

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Scott Gold is a New Orleans-based freelance writer and author of The Shameless Carnivore. He's been taking pictures of his food since the days of film (back when that was considered deeply weird), so he's grateful for Instagram. Follow him @strangedish, but definitely not if you're hungry.