15 NYC things we're damn thankful for

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It's Thanksgiving, which means you're probably making a giant list of all of the things you're thankful for! reading someone else's giant list of all the things they're thankful for! Or at least, you will be right... about... now...

1. We're thankful that we have two basketball teams... because that means twice as many chances to see LeBron.

2. We're thankful for people who actually let us get out of the subway before stampeding themselves to a totally-better-than-the-next-guy standing spot.

3. We're thankful that Pat Kiernan reads us the papers every morning.

4. We're totally thankful that whenever we want to have someone to talk to for hours, we can just call up the local cable company and try to fix whatever's wrong with our box that week.

5. We're thankful that those kids on the subway dancing around on the ceiling are just-skilled-enough to not kick us in the face.

Empire Biscuit
Andrew Zimmer

6. We're thankful for 4a close times. Related: we're thankful for bacon, egg, and cheese.

7. We're thankful that a sandwich is always a bodega away, and that a better sandwich with slightly more meat and fresher bread is always a bodega away from that bodega.

8. We're thankful for street meat. And red sauce, and white sauce… and 24hr bodegas that sell Imodium.

9. We're thankful that if NYC ladies go out in sweatpants, it's probably to work out when it's too cold for their Lululemon's, not to go root for the Celtics and pound brews, like some other cities *cough*Boston*cough* we know.

10. We're thankful that pickle backs are a thing... for some reason.

11. We're thankful that we're so enormous and awesome that we can argue about which part of our city is the best, rather than which city we're better than... which is all of them.

NYC Nut Vendor

12. We're thankful for the smell of roasting nuts on the sidewalk, and that we don't feel compelled to eat said nuts because we live here.

13. We're thankful we don't have yards to mow, or mortgages, or any disposable income because our apartments are so damn expensive. Wait, scratch that last one.

14. We're thankful that our bars are so awesome that people actually want to bring their babies to them. Also, we're thankful that there are bars that actually let babies into them. Also, we're thankful we have so many options that we can avoid said bars with babies in them.

15. We're thankful that the MTA is thankful for our patience.