24 NYC Instagrams you need to follow right now

We all love Instagram -- showing off where we went, what we ate, how totally awesome our vacation was -- but there are some people who blow your pics out the carefully curated, perfectly lit window with an elegantly shady coffee on the sill. Whether with wit, style, staging, or, uh, a helicopter, these are the 24 people doing Instagram the right-est in NYC.


Amazing food and city shots; this one is pretty much exactly what we’re into.


Erica Choi is the Digital Art Director at Barneys New York. Her Instagram is one of the best places on the Internet to get you excited to eat artfully arranged meals or ice cream and drink beautiful coffee while being impossibly stylish.


Whether they're cityscapes, bridges, the subway, or portraits, these sometimes gritty, sometimes glamorous photos are always beautiful.


The founder of Staple Design and Reed Space delivers sneakers, style, pigeons, models, and an overall great look to your feed.


One of the stars of NY Mag’s article on "Outlaw Instagrammers", this 17-year-old (17!) is creating some of the coolest and most interesting images of the city out there.


This guy is doing some incredible street photography as well as cityscapes, plus portraits with an occasionally eerie vibe.


No matter how you feel about babiesin bars, this guy's feed is pretty great, cute, and hilarious. He goes around the city, eating at great spots, and posing his baby with food.


Check out this feed for a unique and artistic look at street scenes throughout the city.


Snapping mostly candid shots of people on the streets of NYC and mixing in the occasional surreal composition, this feed is always interesting.


She’s a cookbook author, Jerry’s wife, and she has some hilarious takes on food culture that don’t always (but sometimes do) revolve around a popover resembling what we all know Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings resemble.


You’ve always wanted to know what a bacon, egg & cheese or Carmelo Anthony’s jersey would look like as a puffed rice snack. Now you know.


Did you know there’s a rooftop farm in NYC that also holds epic rooftop dinner parties? Well there is and they do, and they take amazing photos of them.


She’s got a romantic, glitzy vision of the city. And it’s beautiful.


She’s a sandwich expert specializing in grilled cheese, and she’ll host the occasional pop-up where you can actually eat the things you’ve been drooling over on your phone.


Some of the most beautiful cocktail photography you'll see along with some delicious recipes for drinks.


He shoots basically every restaurant worth going to and makes them look gorgeous. If you like eating out, follow him.


Beautiful ladies and beautiful city shots.


Fact: you’ll never get tired of shots that make the city look incredible.


If you want great city shots alongside photos from all over the world, this dude’s a must.


Some of this guy's shots and compositions are nothing short of amazing.


Guy knows how to make a portrait and capture a moment.


The chef at Navy makes a totally awesome burger and takes a totally awesome, expertly styled food pic as well.


They have a helicopter, which is kiiiiinda cheating, but they take some of the most badass-est shots of the city you can find.

@goodhabit, @imnotjaredblake, and @themaxschwartz

The dudes in our brother company JackThreads' studio are doing some great stuff, including behind-the-scenes photos, travel shots, and generally incredible pic-age.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and he spends about 30% of the day, every day, on Instagram. Follow him on Instagram (!!!) and Twitter.