Everywhere You Can ACTUALLY Go From Broad City's Season 2, Mapped

Published On 03/24/2015 Published On 03/24/2015
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Broad City is maybe the best and realest show taking place in NYC right now, but to make it even realer we mapped out all of the places that Abbi and Ilana set foot in during Season 2 (or at least all the ones you can actually visit). And, while we have no idea if there really is a superlative stash of knockoff bags hiding below a manhole on Doyers St, now you at least know where to look: check out the map below and click on the spots to reveal where each scene was shot.

Or just scroll down and read it all -- you’ve got more options than Jaime at 42 Squirts.


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Pretty much every episode
The high-end gym (the name parodies popular athletic haunts SoulCycle and Equinox) where Abbi is a cleaner/aspiring trainer makes its way into almost every episode. Soulstice isn't actually real, but the scenes are shot at Chalk Gyms in North Williamsburg.
Address: 193 N 9th St

Bleecker St subway station

Episode 1: In Heat
Abbi and Ilana board a 6 train overcrowded with a motley cast of characters (clip above), including a man trimming his toenails, a mother cutting her son’s hair, and an elderly woman who addresses Abbi as “Val,” foreshadowing the appearance of Abbi’s boozed-up alter ego in Episode 5: “Hashtag FOMO.” Oh also: they get off at the Grand Central stop.

Topshop Topman

Episode 1: In Heat
Abbi and Ilana go inside just to escape the heat. Ilana tries on shorts, despite the fact that she’s not wearing underwear, while telling Abbi, in highly graphic detail, about Colin Farrell’s sex tape. Abbi buys a pair of pants because they’re stuck to her sweaty body.
Address: 478 Broadway


Episode 1: In Heat
Ilana has dinner with a group of Lincoln’s friends without realizing it’s his birthday. While Ilana’s in the bathroom, we finally find out where they met: “at a Footlocker in Times Square,” Lincoln tells the group. “She was just hanging out. She wasn’t buying anything. She was just chillin’.” Sadly, Heartwood is closed now, but you can go to the spot in its place, Prova, and get uni pizza.
Address: 184 8th Ave

Bed Bath & Beyond

Episode 1: In Heat
Ilana accompanies Abbi on her search for an air conditioner. Abbi shares elaborate personal handshakes with the employees, one of whom has a cutting board “with her name on it” tucked away. Ilana’s strategy for finding a taxi -- "I’ll look for a cab on the side streets. You take the avenue." -- backfires when the air conditioner, which they’ve laid to rest on the Northeast corner of 18th St and Sixth Ave, is stolen.
Address: 620 6th Ave

Union Square East

Episode 1: In Heat
After losing Abbi’s newly purchased air conditioner, the pair retires to a park bench where they cradle 10lb bags of ice and try to crowdsource a used AC for “free to cheap” on Facebook.

Shamden Hall, NYU

Episode 1: In Heat
Pretending to be RAs conducting a “spontaneous room raid,” the pair sneaks into Ilana’s old dorm room to retrieve the air conditioner she left behind when she graduated. They decide to teach the three guys who presumably live there about “the dangers of ripping underage bongs” using the pot Ilana had stored in the wall “indefinitely in case of emergency.” Which is, frankly, just smart planning. Abbi makes out with one of the guys who turns out to be a senior... in high school. The dorm is fake, but the exterior of the building is actually Baruch College.
Address: 151 E 25th St

Comedy Central/Youtube

East 86th Street Cinema

Episode 2: Mochalatta Chills
The gals complain about the theater’s sound quality in order to get free tickets, sneak into several different movies, and repeat the cycle.
Address: 210 E 86 St


Episode 2: Mochalatta Chills
Ilana takes Abbi out to a “Halliburton fat cat lunch,” complete with a “dirty-ass martini.” The meal is made possible thanks to the $400 Ilana’s newly hired unpaid interns have made for her at Deals, Deals, Deals -- the company where she somehow manages to keep a job without ever doing any work. The exterior of the restaurant is filmed at Revel in the Meatpacking District.
Address: 10 Little W 12th St

Lincoln's Office

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
Lincoln removes Abbi’s wisdom teeth. Ilana accompanies her to the surgery, assuming the role of “Mommy Lani” by calming Abbi’s nerves and ensuring that she holds on tight to Bingo Bronson, the stuffed doll she got her just for the occasion. The exterior of the building is filmed at the office of Drs. Lawrence and David Kessler in North Williamsburg. BYO Bingo Bronson.
Address: 183 N 6th St

42 Squirts

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
After Abbi’s surgery, “Mommy Lani” orders Jaime to go to fro-yo shop 42 Squirts and “get me a real Abbi flavor. You’ll know it when you see it.” Jaime is overwhelmed by the shop’s infinite array of oddball offerings -- like Sriracha, Bananarama Dingdong, Nicorette, Sizzurp, Patchouli, and Surf and Turf -- and suffers a minor mental breakdown while trying to “capture the complexity of this beautiful human being (Abbi) in one single flavor.” He’s still flummoxed hours later when an employee asks him to leave: “Sir, we’re closing. Just pick any flavor,” she implores him. “They’re all chemicals.” The scenes are shot at 16 Handles in North Williamsburg, and unfortunately they don’t have Bananarama Dingdong. We’d order that one, though, if they did.
Address: 139 N 7th St

Mural on Gowanus E-waste Warehouse

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
High on a double dose of post-surgery Vicodin, plus, what is according to Ilana, “the strongest form of weed possible,” Abbi frolics through Gowanus while holding hands with a giant imaginary Bingo Bronson. She stops to gape at a trippy mural by graffiti artists The Wallnuts Crew that adorns the front of a building used by the Lower East Side Ecology Center as a drop-off point for reusable and recyclable electronics.
Address: 469 President St (the mural is on the Nevins side, though)

Carroll Deli & Grocery

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
Abbi dances and downs a Yoo-hoo while Bingo Bronson cheers, “chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.” Later in the episode, while searching for Abbi, Ilana goes inside the deli and finds a clue: the second Yoo-hoo bottle Abbi left smashed on the floor.
Address: 142 Carroll St

Carroll Street Bridge

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
Abbi skips over the bridge, still holding hands with Bingo Bronson.
Address: Carroll St between Bond and Nevins

Gowanus Whole Foods

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
When Abbi and Bingo Bronson arrive in the parking lot, the stuffed doll dubs Whole Foods “the most magical place in the whole world,” noting that “the neighborhood’s really changed.” He then convinces Abbi to stock up on granola, manuka honey, and probiotics, costing her a total of $1,487.56 on her new credit card. “You bought it because you thought you needed more than one credit card to be an adult,” he beguiles her. “Now’s your chance to use it!”
Address: 214 3rd St

Comedy Central/Youtube

Rich Nails

Episode 4: Knockoffs
The girls meet up with Ilana’s mother, Bobbi, to get their “nails did.” Bobbi decides on this particular salon because “Yelp said someone got a staph infection in this place. It’s so cheap now!” While we couldn’t find any reports confirming that Rich Nails (where the scene was shot) harbored any of the sometimes-deadly bacteria, its real-life Yelp reputation doesn’t make us feel much better.
Address: 199 Hester St

Mott St between Canal and Bayard

Episode 4: Knockoffs
Ilana accompanies her mother to Chinatown on a mission to procure the best in counterfeit handbags. It’s clear that Bobbi’s obsession runs deep: in Chinese, she berates the street vendor for offering her an inferior product, asserting she’s not a “tri-state area dirtbag” unable to tell the difference between a cross stitch and a sailmakers stitch.

The Manhole with the good bags in it

Episode 4: Knockoffs
Bobbi and Ilana are blindfolded by the Mott St handbag vendors and transported, in the back of a van, to a manhole on Doyers St just steps away from Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Beneath the manhole are the bags Bobbi has been lusting after.
Address: Doyers St between Bowery and Pell, close to 13 Doyers St

Fantasy World

Episode 4: Knockoffs
Abbi heads to the legendary West Village sex shop to replace the dildo she used to peg Jeremy, which she accidentally broke by putting it into the dishwasher. Ilana’s always-annoyed co-worker Nicole is there attempting to return a pair of nipple clamps that aren’t tight enough.
Address: 192 7th Ave

The Back Room

Episode 5: Hashtag FOMO
After they make an appearance at four other parties, Abbi leads Ilana down a dark Lower East Side alleyway to speakeasy-style bar The Back Room, where a group of senior citizens raise their glasses, greeting Abbi as “Val.” Abbi soon reappears, clad in a tuxedo jacket, black fedora, nylons, and heels, belting out “Get Happy” a la Judy Garland in Summer Stock. It dawns on Ilana that whenever Abbi drinks pretty much all of the drinks ever, she transforms into “Val,” a brassy character who downs martinis, speaks in 1920s slang, blows smoke rings, is an ace at the pool table, and swallows her own nose ring because she loves diamonds. When the bartender explains that Val has been coming around for three years, Ilana’s FOMO goes “through the damn roof.” Ours too.
Address: 102 Norfolk St

Star on 18 Diner Cafe

Episode 5: Hashtag FOMO
Abbi and Ilana try to revive themselves with burgers and milkshakes at the iconic Chelsea diner. Abbi has zero recollection of her appearance as “Val” the night before. In fact, she has no idea who “Val” is.
Address: 128 10th Ave

Main Drag Music

Episode 6: The Matrix
The gals engage in a fantasy drum duet (Abbi is “Razor Burnz,” Ilana is “Pussy M.D.”) and are asked to leave by an employee (TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone), who tells them he’s a producer in need of two drummers just to get them to stop banging.
Address: 330 Wythe Ave

Prospect Park

Episode 6: The Matrix
Disgusted by their addiction to technology, the gals decide to unplug by rollerblading in Prospect Park sans cell phones. Abbi falls into a ditch, spraining her ankle, and Ilana decides the best course of action is to locate her brother who’s preparing for the nuptials of his dog at one of the park’s gazebos. Ilana employs her “nature skills” -- smoking leaves, kneading dog poop, and making out with a tree -- eventually finding her way to the dog wedding after coming across a map. Abbi arrives later on a stretcher, just in time to watch as a veterinarian minister (Janeane Garofalo) performs the union of Eliot’s yarmulke-clad terrier Atticus to Poppi, a chihuahua dressed in Vera Wang.

Comedy Central/Youtube

New York Harbor

Episode 7: Citizen Ship
In honor of Jaime’s upcoming naturalization as a US citizen, Abbi sneaks him, Ilana, and Lincoln onto a boat where her roommate Melody’s law firm is hosting a highly exclusive party. Everyone else on board dons pastel plaids and belts embroidered with lobsters, marks the passage of time in quarters, and lives in Murray Hill but is moving to Williamsburg. Bevers, Abbi, and Ilana get locked in the liquor cabinet while trying to steal booze, Jamie marvels at the boat’s superlative view of the Statue of Liberty, and Bevers botches his proposal to Melody, instead telling the assembled crowd that Abbi is transitioning to becoming a man. If you want to cruise the harbor and hopefully have boat sex (like Ilana and Lincoln), there're tons of options -- here's one.

United States District Court, Brooklyn

Episode 7: Citizen Ship
Abbi, Ilana, and Lincoln attend Jaime’s naturalization ceremony the morning after the boat party. They’re still in their red, white, and blue garb from the night before, though they’re now a little disheveled and Lincoln is hurting so bad he “can’t focus on a fixed point.” Jaime dons American flag-patterned contacts.
Address: 225 Cadman Plaza E

Flight 151

Episode 8: Kirk Steele
Abbi applies for a job putting wristbands on bar patrons and when she presents the manager with a resume instead of a headshot, he tells her she just isn’t “wristband material.” She heads outside the bar where a line of model-types (including a shirtless guy who looks like one of the dudes standing outside Hollister in Soho), is waiting to interview, headshots in hand.
Address: 151 8th Ave, #1

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Episode 8: Kirk Steele
Ilana teaches Oliver, her wealthy babysitting charge, about the “Four Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna. She insists their drinks be served in used cups, even though the grossed-out barista has made it clear that’s a health code violation. Abbi joins and Ilana reveals her latest discovery: Trey, Abbi’s boss at Soulstice, was once an adult film actor. Everyone in the cafe is watching porn.
Address: 30 W 8th St

Beacon's Closet

Episode 8: Kirk Steele
After breaking a mirror at Soulstice, Abbi tries to sell her clothes to Beacon’s Closet in order to make the $700 she needs to replace it. The whiney, fuchsia-lipsticked employee working the counter offers her a measly $20 in cash. She has better luck -- to the tune of $903 -- when she returns with a mountain of last-season Prada and other designer wares that Oliver’s mother has handed off to Ilana, thinking they’re going straight to a homeless shelter. The scheme is 100% Oliver’s.
Address: 74 Guernsey St

Union Square West

Episode 8: Kirk Steele
After a disappointing initial trip to Beacon’s Closet, Abbi tries to the raise the remaining $680 she needs to replace the broken Soulstice mirror by selling her art in Union Square. However, she fails to sell a single drawing from her “Famous Favorites” series in which she portrays what she imagines to be the favorite foods of various celebrities. (Ron Howard’s is a shrimp cocktail, Bruce Springsteen’s a tomato, and Nicki Minaj’s a lollipop).

Comedy Central/Youtube

The National Arts Club

Episode 9: Coat Check
Ilana and Abbi work the coat check at a charity event. While Ilana is off making out with an attractive and mysterious female party guest (Alia Shawkat), Abbi struggles to deal with the mess Ilana created when she put all of the coat-check tickets in the tip jar. Abbi is starstruck when Kelly Ripa comes to retrieve her coat and mortified when she realizes it’s gone missing.
Address: 15 Gramercy Park S

The High Line

Episode 9: Coat Check
The gals stroll and then snag a pair of lounge chairs as Abbi figures out how to locate Kelly Ripa’s coat. “Because you’re such a bobo,” she tells Ilana, “I have the opportunity of a lifetime to find and return Kelly Ripa’s coat to her home. I mean she’s America’s sweetheart. I just really feel like we hit it off.” All Abbi has to do is find the person who took the coat and then she “can deliver it to Kelly’s beautiful toned arms.”

McCarren Park

Episode 9: Coat Check
Ilana takes Abbi to McCarren Park to introduce her to Adele, the party guest from the National Arts Club she thinks she might be in love with. As Adele walks toward them, Ilana beams, remarking “I don’t know what it is about this girl!” When Abbi hugs Ilana goodbye a few moments later, she whispers in Ilana’s ear: “Dude, she looks exactly like you. So...” Ilana looks at Adele, thoroughly weirded out.

St. Mark's Place

Episode 10: St. Mark’s
On Ilana’s 23rd birthday, the gals start off on Third Ave and continue East, encountering the typical array of St. Mark’s Place weirdos: the “tree man,” the “parrot dude,” the girls who can’t walk in their heels, the couple aggressively making out, and the guy dancing down the sidewalk twirling glow sticks while chanting “sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.”

The Meat Sack

Episode 10: St. Mark’s
Abbi makes a reservation for Ilana’s birthday under the name “Lil Wayne” at a dumpling restaurant Ilana refers to as “The Meat Sack.” The scene, however, is shot at Kenka, an authentic izakaya establishment the Village Voice once referred to as “an edible amusement park of the fermented, fried, and freaky.” (The menu doesn’t shy away from delicacies like turkey testicles, bull penis, and maggot fried rice.)
Address: 25 St. Mark’s Pl

St. Mark's Market

Episode 10: St. Mark’s
A hoodie-wearing “runaway teen” -- who later turns out to be a 34-year-old grad-school dropout -- steals Abbi’s purse and escapes into the nearest grocery store. Abbi and Ilana chase him through the aisles and down an alley, all the way to the townhouse where he lives with his wealthy, wine-guzzling psychiatrist mother (Patricia Clarkson).
Address: 21 St. Mark’s Pl

2 Bros. Pizza

Episode 10: St. Mark’s
After reclaiming Abbi’s stolen purse, the gals pop a squat by the 2 Bros. storefront (there were two, but there's only one left on St. Mark’s now) to enjoy a slice. Since Ilana’s birthday dinner at Kenka (“The Meat Sack”) didn’t go as planned, this greasy goodness is the first thing they’ve eaten all night: “Mmmmmmmmmm. I love pizza, dude,” Abbi moans. “Me too,” Ilana retorts. “It’s like a squirrel’s sleeping bag unzipped.”
Address: 32 St. Mark’s Pl

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