Want to watch movies, in a hot tub, on a rooftop?

New York This is gonna sound a lot like that idea you had six beers deep last Summer at your friend's rooftop BBQ. Coming to NYC TODAY: Hot Tub Cinema (which apparently is a thing in the UK) is a rooftop movie screening where all of the attendees watch from hot tubs. Amazing, right? So amazing, the thing sold out in like, four seconds -- but not before we snagged a spot in one of the tubs for you. Here's everything you need to know about this thing, plus how to score the final seat:

The scene: There are only 14 inflatable hot tubs. Before it sold out in four seconds, they let you either 1) book an entire tub for a group of between four and six of your friends, or 2) book a solo ticket and risk it with some strangers. Continue Reading

What you're getting: An open bar, popcorn (which is actually kinda hard to eat in a hot tub probably), a captain's hat for the designated "Tub Captain", and admission to the movie, which is yet to be determined, fingers crossed for Swimfan.

We're the only people in NYC who can get you in: How? Just tweet THIS (bonus Swimfan jokes strongly encouraged) and we'll pick the person who looks like they'd do the awesomest hot tub cannonball. Oh, and stay tuned to Crowdtilt, 'cause they're going to do something this awesome again for sure.