We go backstage with Judah Friedlander, David Wain, and more at the up-and-coming comedy show

There are at least a billion comedy shows in NYC, but The Running Late Show with Scott Rogowsky is the only one that's late-night-style, features network-quality guests like David Wain and Judah Friedlander, and has the host's dad as a hypeman/sidekick. Check out the above video for a look at how the hilarity sausage gets made and how the ties get tied backstage, then watch the vids below to see David Wain doing magic tricks, plus some clips from the show

You have no idea how he did that

"Ophira Eisenberg Defends Her Sluttiness". She hates hooking up in Queens

"Al Madrigal's Mexican Food Manifesto". Spoiler: he thinks it sucks in NY

"Judah Friedlander Talks 30 Rock", and explains why he was not elected pope

"David Wain Hangs Out With Hot Actresses", or at least debates the relationship between Famke Janssen and Howard Johnson.