People-watching on the subway without the smell

If you've ever felt like a weirdo because you spent your F train ride staring at an actual weirdo, fear not, because there's an even bigger weirdo than both of you: the guy behind The Subway Hundred, who spent 100 days riding every train he could find while stealthily snapping 100 awesomely revealing B&W photos of not-terribly-normal people going about their everyday business, which, it turns out, is more than just selling Snickers bars to stay off drugs.Here's a sampling of the best, with some of our own commentary thrown in. The last photo's left blank so you can add your own hilarious/ insightful/ befuddling New Yorker cartoon-style captions in the comments: Andre 4000 doesn't even need headphones to hear beautiful music."Welcome to the Windy City! Wait, where are we?""Ugh, this station isn't nearly underground enough."YOUR REALLY SUPER-TERRIFIC CAPTION HERE!