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The world's biggest pizza party...

Did you know that Wednesday (June 11th) was #PIZZADAY, the day the pizza margherita was supposedly invented by Raffaele Esposito? Yeah, we didn't either until someone told us there was going to be a giant pizza party at the Standard Creative warehouse in Williamsburg to celebrate it.

The party was put on by Ronen V, Matt Capucilli, Standard Creative, A Razor, A Shiny Knife (a supper club you should be up on by now), Mr. Gif, Jonathan Mann, Anamanaguchi, Underground Eats, and Shock Top Beer, with the lofty goal of ordering a pie from every single pizzeria in Manhattan, and most of Brooklyn.

They lost count after something like 325 pizza places, which included the likes of Lombardi’s, Paulie Gees, Fornino, Forcella, Otto, and basically "all the big ones". In addition to free pizza from just about every pizza place ever, there were also all kinds of other craziness going down like pizza bikini girls (!), pizza trivia, a pizza flag (!!!!!!!), a birthday candle-lit pizza, a "Leaning Tower of Pizza" atop a Vespa, Reggie Watts hanging around eating pizza, and a ton of other stuff. Check out the photos below and get ready to be massively hungry for a pie.

Gabi Porter is a freelance photographer and writer based Uptown in New York. In her 20-something years living in the City of New York, she's never lived below 106th Street. She has a well-documented fondness for cocktails and small dogs.

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