The Most Important Celebrity Sightings on NYC Public Transportation

Whether it’s a delayed G train, sauna-level heat on the subway platform, or a long wait for the bus in the rain, New Yorkers will find a way to complain about public transportation each and every day. The less-than-ideal conditions of our public transit are part of the reason why spotting a celebrity on a subway or bus in New York is arguably more exciting that spotting them just about anywhere else. And even though you may scoff at tourists who reach for their cellphones to take a picture, you have to admit: even the most jaded New Yorker would be excited to see Jay-Z in a subway car.

Rapper J. Cole is the most recent celeb to be found slumming it with the rest of us, having been spotted riding the bus in Queens earlier this week. And he definitely isn’t the only celebrity that’s figured out that public transportation is the fastest, easiest way to get around the city. From Oscar winners to presidential hopefuls, here are all the celebs you missed on the subway while you were buried in a book or asleep on someone’s shoulder.

No shame in snapping a selfie with this platinum-selling rapper on your bus ride

Andy Cohen is all smiles taking the F train to work at Rockefeller Center

Jay Z took the subway to his concert at the Barclays Center and met the sweetest lady in New York…

... and British pop star Ed Sheeran took the subway to his concert at Radio City Music Hall back in 2013

Sir Ian McKellen bundles up on the train

Matthew Broderick tries to keep to himself...

... while his wife Sarah Jessica Parker takes the E train (in heels no less)

Tom Hanks attempts to remain incognito

Not sure if Mariah Carey’s blue gown goes with the orange subway seats

Hillary Clinton is just like you, cursing as you try to swipe your card for the fifth time

Back when she wasn’t MERYL STREEP, Meryl Streep rode the graffiti-covered subway of the '80s

Jake Gyllenhaal’s been spotted on the subway so many times, it’s as common as seeing a rat scurry by on the train tracks

Bradley Cooper is all of us on the subway, headphones in and ignoring the world

Keanu Reeves obviously prefers subways over buses (Speed, anyone?)

Leave it to Helen Mirren to make a subway ride look chic

When Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda gets an empty subway car, he takes advantage

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who has definitely stopped a famous person riding a bike for a selfie one time. Follow her celebrity stalkings and other random musings on Instagram.