The frightening, beloved Fung Wah Chinatown bus is back in business

It's once again time to risk your life for a $10 bus ticket! Any New Yorker knows skipping town can be its own kind of headache-inducing, creativity-demanding endeavor, and while timetable apps and $5 margaritas can ease the pain of a bus depot at rush hour, only one thing can bypass that and charge you next-to nothing for it (if you’re traveling to Boston): Fung Wah.
Of course, that hasn’t been an option since March 2013, when the bus company lost its license. And this loss -- and the feds' later rejection of a new-license request -- was a direct result of Fung Wah's egregious safety code violations. But hey, no transit provider’s perfect! And what some might condemn for its broken doors and “likelihood of serious injury” we call “an avoided trip to Port Authority” and "the price of a cheap bus ticket."
For those who share our undying and definitely misplaced loyalty, some good cheer for the holidays: the bus company is looking to resume service in the new year, possibly within two weeks. Gothamist reports that the federal government has approved Fung Wah’s $400k overhaul proposal, which means that it will also be less likely you’re gonna die on the bus (even if it'll probably cost more to ride it). Never let anyone tell you Santa isn't real.

Hannah Serena Goldstein is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Cities. She wonders if the new Fung Wah buses will include playgrounds like on the Spice Bus. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.