Get ready to honor Spain by hurling tomatoes at strangers while drinking

Tomato Fest main

Of all the things to do in Spain -- see the art, eat the tapas, almost get killed by the bulls -- perhaps the greatest is La Tomatina, the yearly party in which people hurl tomatoes at complete strangers like they were Fozzie friggin' Bear. Now, for the first time ever, on July 20th, Tomato Battle is bringing the spirit of La Tomatina right to your backyard. As long as you consider Brooklyn your backyard.

Tomato Pile - Tomato Battle

They're bringing in 100,000lbs of over-ripe tomatoes not meant for consumption, as this is not a buffet. In Spain, they use about 40 metric tons, so we're gonna go ahead and assume that's about the same, because in America the metric system is for school, not for awesome tomato-throwing fests.

Festival Kickoff - Tomato Battle

Festivities kick off around noon, and while there won't be a dude climbing a greased pole to grab a ham like there is in Spain, there will be live music, a beer garden, imbibing games like pong, and other such fun.

Costume Contest - Tomato Battle

There's also a costume contest, so come dressed as the craziest thing possible. Giant hats that can cover your face are less of a costume, more of just a case of smart thinking.

Guy with a shield Tomato Battle

Swimsuits and protective eyewear are encouraged. Shields are optional.

Tomato Battle Time

The battle proper starts at 4p and lasts for two long, very clean hours. There'll still be live music and beer during the tossing, but you'll want to focus on chucking tomatoes at people's faces...

Tomato Angels - Tomato Battle

... or making tomato angels. Those are cool too.

Tomato Battle is over

Remember: you may never get the chance to lay face down in a giant sea of tomatoes ever again. Take it.