Learn subway etiquette from puppets

Riding the subway in NYC sucks, but if everyone would just behave themselves, it'd suck a lot less. 

Here to help: puppets. Because people are probably sick of dealing and just can't even anymore.

In a video by Glove and Boots (below), warm-up suit-wearing puppet Johnny T drops a few helpful tips on how to best ride the subway without seriously pissing off everyone else around you. Where's the validity of a puppet giving me advice, you ask? Well, he might not be human, but Johnny T makes some seriously good points.

He covers all the standard scenarios that might arise on your daily commute, from getting on the train, to what to do with your bags while you're riding, to whom you should give up your seat to (only a "wobbly old person or a pregnant lady"). Johnny also lets you know that you should never eat on the train and that we might not be able to change the fact that the subway stinks, but we can do our part not to add to the stink ("take a shower!").

And the best takeaway from the video? "Just don't talk, smile, move, or stink."

It's that simple, folks. Check it out below.

h/t Reddit

Pete Dombrosky is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and be believes this video should be mandatory viewing for every single person riding the subway in NYC. If you agree, let him know on Twitter.