Watch 'looking for a girlfriend' guy go speed dating

Bedford + Bowery

Remember Don Perino, the guy who plastered "Looking for a Girlfriend" flyers all over lower Manhattan this summer? Yes, he is still relevant, and, would you believe it, he's still looking for a girlfriend. Since Perino still has yet to "find the one", Bedford + Bowery decided to set him up on a series of speed-dates at their Saturday Bazaar and film the whole, wonderful thing.

In the video, Perino casually asks one date, "Have you Googled me?" and announces to another, "I'm kind of famous." Naturally, a lot of people who attended the event assumed Perino's flyers (now not only NYC-famous, but Internet-famous as well) were a joke -- but no, they are very, very real. Perino says he has been on 86 dates total, and boasts a record of 36 dates in 10 days. He also mentions several times that he has the "world record for most media attention from a flyer."

At least it's inspiring some people -- one passerby tells the camera he likes to think his wife "would have found him that way," had he put up flyers of his face soliciting dates. So... keep doing what you're doing, guy (!?)

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Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist, and one time she caught Don Perino putting up flyers near her house and he smiled at her and she barfed. Yes, this is a humble brag. Follow her on Twitter @lucymeilus.