Banksy wasn't here

When people passing by Petar Timotic's Avenue C garage studio kept inexplicably assuming that the Serbian-born artist was Banksy, he felt he had three options: continue to parry their bizarrely insistent inquiries, roll down the door and go mad from fumes (he has no windows), or put up a sign definitively stating that he simply wasn't Banksy. In New York since the former Yugoslavia was just "the Yugoslavia", Timotic opted for signage, and, well, it's pretty damn funny. Timotic, who says he knows Banksy, says he doesn't believe the provocateur's actually in town, and that it's most likely hired surrogates who've been plastering up the works that've been frantically attributed to the Brit the past few weeks.

If you're interested in artists not named Banksy, Timotic's planning a show in the next week or so, but he might not be in New York much longer. He's considering Detroit because it's cheap, and also, Banksy's already been there.