A gentlemen's club that's gentler on the wallet

FlashDancers is like the London Fletcher of NYC strip clubs: sure, a few flashier joints may be more famous, but it's a versatile, every-down player that can fit the bill no matter what you're looking for. Also, we once tried to buy a lap dance for an autographed Tony Romo football and were refused, and London Fletcher totally wouldn't give Tony Romo a lap dance. In case you need more reasons why FD's is the most complete package for your package, here're four:1) They open earlier than other clubs. What, just becuase it's 4pm means you suddenly don't love staring at boobs?2) See that bottle? It isn't cheap, but you can get your drink on for way less than at the few name-brand clubs in town, where a well drink'll set you back upwards of $20.3) The reason there aren't any women on the stage is probably because they all went home with customers. You can drop a few grand in a private booth anywhere to up your chances of action, but you don't have to go pro at FD's, where the talent has been known to get so intimate with clients that they friend them on Facebook.4) Sushi! No, wait, not the sushi. But it's there if you want it.